The Sound of Music vs. Mary Poppins



on 12/19/2009

Tough choice, ...but when it comes right down to it only one of these movies has Dick Van Dyke dancing with animated penquins.

on 4/8/2010

I got to go with the chimney sweeps.


on 4/13/2010

The Sound of Music is one of my favorite things.

on 8/10/2010

Julie Andrews as a musical governess or a musical nanny? You've gotta admire the resourcefulness of someone who can make play clothes out of a set of ugly curtains.

on 9/12/2010

I'll go with Poppins. Even with the phony accent, Dick Van Dyke is a better foil than Christopher Plummer.

on 2/16/2011

Definitely Mary Poppins. I find the Von Trapps very annoying

on 2/17/2011

Child-rearing the Julie Andrews way. I'm siding with the nuns. Mary Poppins is fun, but ultimately there's too much sugar in the medicine.

on 2/17/2011

i'm going mary poppins, watched it much more than sound of music, plus it introduced me to the concept of feminism, in the most delightful way ;)

on 3/9/2011

I never really liked either of these, though seeing "Sound of Music" on Blu-ray recently I found enough about it to like that I don't have it on my "hate" list anymore. "Mary Poppins," on the other hand, is still there.

on 3/20/2011

Andrews was hotter in The Sound Of Music so that's my call.

on 12/26/2012

I really love both of these movies, and it's really hard to have to choose between the two. Honestly, this is one of the hardest decisions I've made on FlickChart as far as I can remember. The Sound of Music, while tonally uneven and heavily flawed (with extremely clumsy romance as well) has amazing musical numbers, a big heart, and a surprisingly thrilling finale. Mary Poppins is considerably more childish (whether that's a good or bad thing is debatable), and it's ultimately more fun. The acting is considerably better in Mary Poppins than in The Sound of Music as well. Both suffer from length, and both are enhanced with incredible music and songs. While it only wins by a hair, my pick here is Mary Poppins, though as far as musicals go, these rank among the best.

on 2/24/2014

Mary Poppins all day

on 2/24/2014

Mary Poppins for me

on 2/24/2014

Two quality family/kids movies. If I'm watching with my daughter (which is pretty much the only time I'll watch either), I prefer Mary Poppins.

on 2/24/2014

I really like both of them. But Disney has to win, a win for Mary Poppins!

on 10/20/2015

Mary Poppins wins.

on 11/10/2015

Oh I don't know.

on 11/8/2017

Give me Mary Poppins. It seems a little more magical and Dick Van Dyke is an amazing performer.