Star Trek: Nemesis vs. Star Trek: First Contact



It was a rapid fall, wasn't it, from First Contact (one of the best of the franchise), to Insurrection, one of the mediocre-yet-still-pretty-good, to Nemesis, among the bottom of the barrel. *sigh*

Nemesis definitely was a disappointing farewell for the TNG crew, but even if it had exceeded expectations, it probably would not have come close to First Contact, which is phenomenal.

Agreed ^^

I don't like TNG crew but First Contact nearly made me love them. Nemesis was okay but Insurrection was just awful.

A random matchup (I swear) between the best TNG movie (which isn't saying much) and the worst.

Its hard for my to love the NG crew over the Original but since I saw them more often and the y went through a lot more I kinda do! and out of all the Star Trek movies ever made First Contact is still top 3 or 4!

Looking at these both fondly now that the Picard TV series is kind of crapping on everything they both presented. Knowing everything turns out depressing for Picard is a bummer.