Edge of Tomorrow vs. Guardians of the Galaxy



its been a great year for sci-fi

This gave me pause, but Edge of Tomorrow edges out Guardians - but not by much!

Tough one...Guardians just barely.

This one is tough. Both were movies that surprised me by how good they were. I have to give the edge to Guardians, though, because it seemed to have a bit more heart...though just a bit.

I'm going Guardians...but these two were the best movies I saw this summer...

I take that back...Edge of Tomorrow wins upon further reflection.

Guardians was a good movie, but I think Edge is better.

Both were really good, but Edge of Tomorrow is better paced and it's just the kind of blockbuster action film I want more of. Not to bash Guardians, but it does share a few of the problems I find in most action films released recently (most notably an overlong action climax).

Living, Dying, and Repeating Until the Edge of Tomorrow may be the slightly "better" movie, but I enjoyed Guardians of the Galaxy far more.

Edge of Tomorrow barely. Both are at the top of my list for 2014.

Wow. I need to see both again. For now, Guardians by a nose.

And really, it's only because I saw Guardians in the theater, and it was the best time I've had in the theater in years.

I don't care Guardians! Edge of Tomorrow wins easily for me!

It's the Edge, son.

Edge of tomorrow wins this although both are great.

Edge of Tomorrow.


It's gotta be Guardians for me. The first and second acts of Edge of Tomorrow are brilliant, but I didn't really care for the third. However, I loved Guardians all the way through.

"A Song of Time and Space". You could say that 'Guardians of the Galaxy' was better directed and more visually impressive but 'Edge of Tomorrow' was smarter and better written.

EDGE OF TOMORROW has the edge.

Guardians of the Galaxy is way better and has better reviews than EOT

Guardians of the galaxy


Yep. Guardians of the Galaxy is better.

Edge of tomorrow

Edge of Tomorrow>Guardians of the Galaxy

Above average action > Subpar superhero

Edge of Tomorrow