Edge of Tomorrow vs. Groundhog Day



I'm going with the master and pioneer of this particular theme concept...

Yeah both about somebody living the same day over and over but in a different type of way this is very close but I've got to go with Groundhog Day also

Groundhog Day wins easily. Edge simply has no depth and doesn't feel unique at all.


Edge of Tomorrow is much more memorable, exciting and somehow less tiring than Groundhog Day.

I'll take Edge of Tomorrow also...but a close call.

I also give a slight, um, edge to Edge of Tomorrow. It's one of the better sci-fi movies I've seen in the past few years.

Groundhog Day, not really a tough choice for me.

Comparing the two is inevitable, but I'll probably be one of the first to say that Edge of Tomorrow was funnier, despite not being a comedy, at least not primarily. Groundhog Day tried way, WAY too hard to be funny, so much so that you might as well replace every character with a clown and you won't notice the difference. I still liked it, but Edge of Tomorrow was...I don't know, more.

Edge Of Tomorrow Is So Entertaining But It's Nothing Compared To Groundhog Day Which Is Easily Murrays Best Performance.

I'm gonna say that, for me, Edge was the superior movie involving a time loop. I just appreciate sci fi more than that small town aesthetic found in Ground Hog Day.

Edge wins, I think.

Edge was a cool sci-fi action movie but Groundhog Day is a classic.