The Grapes of Wrath vs. It's a Wonderful Life




Two great classics. I'm choosing Wonderful Life.

It's a wonderfull life, but not by far

It's a Wonderful Life is funny, depressing, sweet, profound, inspiring...The Grapes of Wrath is mostly just depressing.

Yeah, but The grape of wrath as more dept and is a great reflect of reality so it's a really hard choice

Just a fantastic pairing here....I'll agree with the others....but I really enjoy 'em both...

Grapes Of Wrath is depressing. But why is that a bad thing? It reflects the struggles of that time better than anything else so it had to be. It's also extremely well acted and has a well written script! But It's A Wonderful Life is even better Great characters, clever script, timeless themes and it's incredibly emotional! There's a reason why these two are still loved over 70 years later!