Transformers: Dark of the Moon vs. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen



Okay. Well, altogether, the second transformers was NOT a good movie. Did I like it still? Yes, Sir. The third was better though.

The second Transformers movie was an abomination through and through. It's faint praise to say a movie is better than Revenge of the Fallen. That's like saying something you ate was less painful than a mouth full of broken glass and battery acid. Dark of the Moon was better than just "better than TF2". It was actually very entertaining for long stretches of its overlong run time, and was about as good as I could expect from Michael Bay. Better humans, better robots, better action, better story. No contest.

The third transformers was way better. More robots and more action.

Christ. Transformers: (Why Wasn't This Called) Dark (SIDE) of the Moon doesn't have the amount of tasteless humor of the second one (although trust me, there's still some tasteless shit in here), but it is ten times more boring which makes it WORSE. It has been since Pirates of the Carribean: At World's End that I've seen a movie so overly fuckin' long for no damn reason and so idiotic that it makes for a torturing experience. Granted, I'd *probably* rather rewatch this again than At World's "we have no script so here's some random shit" End, but this is still garbage. And oh, yeah, great, an action scene that takes AN HOUR to finish but an ending that takes less than THREE MINUTES to wrap up the entire film. You know, as awful as the second one was, at least that wasn't nearly as tedious as this crap. At least Revenge of the Fallen didn't stick in the same location for the last hour. Oh man. Good thing it's over.

they're both awful,but revenge of the fallen was a little less awful.

Revenge of the Fallen gets a lot of uncalled for hate ... well, not uncalled for. But it's no worse than the first. The third is still the only Transformers movie that I actually liked.

Bay is a big budget Seltzerberg

Transformers: Dark of the Moon

transformers dark of the moon I quite liked it though Not at all resell the first one but less truly for me it's really superior to the second one Well it needed a lot of things to be much better than the second film