Donnie Darko vs. Memento



The two chief combatants for the title of cult film of the decade.

Yes and no. I don't think Memento can be called be a cult film given its theatre run success.

Fair point. Though, what is a "cult film" nowadays? Maybe there are too many routes to box office success to say that money means non-cult? I'd call Blair Witch cult, but I think it did decent box office.

I judge the term solely on success of worldwide theater box office revenue during it's initial run. I think the word of mouth, fanatic base that then drives a film to further success after that makes it cult; those fans are cult like ;)

It's a hard one. Both films are clever and hard to understand. But I'd had to pick Donnie Darko.

Definitely a tough choice. I love Darko, but it's more confusing (at least until the Director's Cut was released), and to truly enjoy the film you need to rely on outside material (such as the "book" pages and explanations of how people from the future are watching the characters). Memento is a better-crafted film and more accessible.

From comments above I'm beginning to think I've barely scratched the surface of Darko. Not sure if that raises or lowers it versus Memento... It's just hard to get past the way Memento takes that one, simple idea (no short-term memory = tell the story backwards) and executes it so well. That idea was a very good one, and it wasn't wasted.

Talk about a contest for the best trip. I love them both but I in the end I have to go with Richard Kelly and Donnie Darko.

I agree with Merry about perfect execution of a simple idea, speaking of Memento. This often makes for the best films. Don't get me wrong... I enjoy Donnie Darko as much as the next time-travel nerd, but this isn't a tough decision for me. Memento is a perfectly-crafted film that is ALSO enjoyable. Donnie Darko is a flawed, but enjoyable cult film. To illustrate the difference in filmmaking ability (and more specifically wirting ability) between these two directors, look at what matchup followed -- The Dark Knight vs. Southland Tales. Is that a tough choice for anyone?

both are excellent cult films, but if forced to make a choice i'd probably choose memento more times than not.

Memento all the way.

Although they are both very good films, Memento tells the story of the chracter's journey from a more emotional standpoint allowing you to identify with him and feel more of a connection to the movie. I tend to lean more towards reality than science fiction/fantasy-themed movies so that influences my opinion greatly.

Memento was an instant classic. Darko was more of a meh film. Glad I saw it but it didn't really resonate the same way.

They're both excellent movies, but I like the complexity of Darko better in that it leaves me thinking about it for days after a viewing. I can see either side of this match up, I think it really depends if you want to leave the movie with closure and a perfect understanding of what happened, or if you're looking for something to stimulate theories and leave you thinking for a bit. Memento is a very well crafted piece, but when it's done, it is done. I like the lingering of Darko!

I feel that any movie that requires the filmmaker to write a book to understand it, and then we don't still know whats going on is more complex than it needs to be. Memento is a great thriller, with a great pacing and reveals like Fight Club and launched Nolan's great career.

How is there even a debate between these films? Memento knocks Donnie Darko out in any respect, be it script, cinematography, editing, acting. Donnie Dark has its merits, but it certainly doesn't stand up to multiple viewings.

This is a real Sophie's Choice for me since I love both films very much. Darko is such a weird smash up of genres, tone, and ideas. It is at once dreamy, scary, filled with ideas about everything from adolescence to time-theory. It feels like the best Phillip K. Dick adaptation never made. Memento is as much of a head-trip as Darko but on a much different way, where you - the viewer - are placed in the exact position as Leonard is, trying to figure out what exactly happened. Of the two, I come back to the dreaminess of Darko than Memento's time-spliced paranoia.

Memento...rise of Nolan

Memento is a much better film in my opinion. Donnie Darko felt mind blowing the first time, but (and i know this is strange) felt more confusing and rediculous the second time. The soundtrack is about the only thing I still like about Donnie Darko. Memento, on the other hand, gets better with each viewing.

Memento definitely. No one can deny the obscure beauty behind Darko, but Memento I think will age a lot better.

I think Darko is weird just to be weird, not that great in my opinion,

After watching each one once it would be a tough decision for me but having seen both of them multiple times I can easily say Donnie Darko is my favorite of the two.

i gotta go with memento because - well shit, now i can't remember... ;) @ joffi i don't agree that memento can't be considered 'cult' based off it's 'successful' theater run. and here's how i would judge: if you took a random survey, it's fair to say that outside of our film geek world, 8 of 10 people would have no idea what either film is. THAT'S a good way to judge what is and isn't cult.

Think about the first time you saw Memento. Was your mind not consistently blown again and again??? I am a big Darko fan and have watched it many more times than Memento, but just thinking about the first time I saw Memento gives me chills. But that just might be me doubting my own commitment to Sparkle Motion.

Both rank as my top two films, though Darko is my favourite.

Two of the best films of the deacade. I am going to give the edge to Memento as Christopher Nolan has gone on to make many other quality films whereas Richard Kelly may be a one hit wonder, even though i didn't think Southland Tales was as bad as many others do.

Donnie Darko is a great movie, but Memento is just on another level. Memento is a movie that begs to be watched again as soon as its over.

Donnie Darko has a smart story while Memento told its story in a smart way. Both movies are amazing but Memento is just a great mind trip. Memento > Donnie Darko

A tough choice and I love both films but Memento has this timeless quality and a brilliantly executed idea.

Both are very complex in their own way, but I have to go with Donnie Darko on this one. You can figure out Memento. Yet, has anyone REALLY figured out Darko?

Memento is the far better film. I love Donnie Darko as well, but it isn't nearly well structured and, I hate to say it, but I doubt it would have as much of an impact on pulp culture if not for that montage set to that Tears for Fears cover. That scene makes the movie. Though both encourage multiple viewings, Memento is more fulfilling after having actually watched it a few times.

Really? I mean, I love Donnie Darko, but it didn't revolutionize storytelling in the film medium. Memento changed everything, for good.

There's no arguing. Memento is a well-crafted film -- I just prefer the aesthetic of Donnie Darko.

Neither one of them is anything great.


I'm sorry but I don't see how either of these films are particularly revolutionary. Admittedly, Donnie Darko has a nice atmosphere owing almost solely to a killer soundtrack; otherwise I find it straight up pretentious... oblique for the sake of being oblique. I thought Memento was pretty good the first two or three times I saw it but after having to project it 50 times at an old job, it started to seem gimmicky albeit decently crafted. There are far, far better films, both new and old, that treat similar themes (everything from Rashomon to Irreversible); these two are nothing special... but this is Flickchart so I gotta pick. Memento.

To me both are equal in terms of story quality and structure. I just prefer the time travel subject matter of Darko.

To me both are equal in terms of story quality and structure. I just prefer the time travel subject matter of Darko.

i had to watch donnie darko a couple of times to grasp the whole movie. i only watched memento once to fully understand it, i think ^^ i don't know if it's good or bad that i had to watch donnie darko more often, but i think donnie darko wins this one

For me, cinema is about the experience. Donnie Darko is a unique and lasting experience, a unique atmosphere within a clearly defined world, and thought provoking. Memento, though structured interestingly (though it wasn't the first to use this structure), does not amount to a lasting experience.

Memento is better...Donnie Darko is overrated garbage

Memento is the better film. One of my favourite parts of the film is at the "end" (of the film, start of the story) Leonard is driving, he closes his eyes and envisions himself in bed with his wife. He's covered in his tattoos and over his heart are the words "I DID IT". It's a perfect little touch that helps add to all the underlying themes about the nature of memory, vengance and desire. The rise of Nolan indeed.

Memento hands down. Lest Nolan didn't have to create three different versions of the same film and still be unhappy about it. Memento is a better film.

I'd say there about equal for me, but knowing that the director of Darko didn't even have a clear picture of what was going on sours me a little. Memento gets the win.

memento is one of the best movies of this decade, donnie darko is quiet good but not nearly as good as memento

Donnie Darko is clever, but Memento is genius.

Donnie Darko would have my vote without hesitation, without question. I can remember the first time I saw that movie. I passed it many times in the video store because of the goofy cover of a rabbit demon in what appeared to be a tinfoil mask. Finally I decided I was bored enough I would stand through the abuse of something silly. Wow was I wrong. I was entranced through the entire viewing. I shut out everything else and just watched. When I was done I had more questions than answers and this need to just call everyone I know and get them to come over IMMEDIATELY to watch it with me so we could try and figure out what the hell just changed in our perception of the world. Because it does just that; it makes you think. Memento was a gimmick idea worked out in an interesting way. It was a good movie but I think it is popular more so on its use of something we haven't seen in a while. It's that cool factor of a human condition and that just isn't enough for me. When I was done watching there were no questions, nothing to ponder or debate, it was just a movie and it was over. Now before you Memento fans get all bunched up I think if you compared the director's cut of DDarko to Memento then Memento would probably win. The Director's cut took everything that made DDarko such an engrossing and mind numbing movie and explained it away. After that it was just a movie with some interesting characters. :(

I saw both of these movie Freshmen year of high school, and at the time I would have probably gone with Donnie Darko, even though I enjoy the non-linear narrative of memento and how that is a throwback to film noir, but now I wouldn't make that same claim. The culture surrounding Donnie Darko actually makes me like that movie less. It became an over marketed piece o' garbage with the hot topic shirts and the directors cut with a ton of useless CGI that makes the film more dated and less accessible (plus lol at the freaking sequel). Memento’s clichés may seem more cliché even now, but I think that being part of the original revival of the crime non-linear narrative really puts it above all of that, and Guy Pierce is awesome in the movie. I really don’t know why this is such a heated argument, but I would say Memento is the better film here.

Memento was awesome. This battle is not even close. Donnie Darko was all about setting a mood. Memento set a mood too, but it also told a coherent story! A brilliant one at that.

still memento

Both fantastic films with great ideas, but I have to go with Donnie. Someone commented that Memento had perfect execution, which it did, but as another person brought up, the idea of Donnie Darko is so much more complex than Memento. It's a total mindf***, and makes you think about it even days after you see it. Memento is a fantastic film to watch, and to watch with someone their first time, but not something I'm going to think about afterwards.

If Leonard couldn't form permanent memories after the injury, then how could he know that he couldn't form memories due to an injury and explain it all the time in such a succinct manner? All nitpicking aside, I have to agree with those saying that Memento is a rather simple movie which gains nearly all its quality from clever structuring, whereas Donnie Darko is a very ambitious and very flawed movie whose greatest strengths lie in its characters, soundtrack, and overall atmosphere. It captured a certain feeling of what it's like to be a teenager - for me, at least. I can relate to that a lot more than I can to Leonard. I also really enjoy weirdness and ambiguity in movies, so Darko wins hands down for me.

Hey, why don't we pit one of the greatest films of the decade (perhaps all time) against a large turd that will (hopefully) be forgotten soon! Is this even a contest? Memento wins this, of course!

Both of these movies are total mindf***s, but I think Memento works better for a number of reasons. The structure, direction, acting and the themes are all superior (no disrespect to Donnie).

Donnie. RIcher world.....yep, that's all I have to say.

I always though Donnie was a little overrated. Whereas there's never been any doubt that Memento IS indeed as clever as it looks.

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Got to go with Memento on this one, and it's not that close. Donnie Darko is the prototypical cult movie, while Memento is much, much more. I did enjoy Donnie Darko, but I felt Memento really makes you think, DD only makes you think that it makes you think.

Donnie Darko aaaaaaall the way. Memento is great movie, but it lacks the philosophy, second degree and artistic value that Donnie Darko has. Donnie Darko is simply the best movie ever.

I'm going to lean Memento for the sole facy that, as of now, it seems Donnie Darko might have been a fluke. (Southland Tales was a mess) I am excited for "The Box" though

Both are good movies but Donnie Darko is an easy pick. Memento is completely shallow compared to Donnie Darko.

The emotional elements of Donnie Darko make it a better movie. The time-based plot device in Memento was perhaps more effective, but I just don't care about the characters in Memento like I do those in Donnie Darko. Plus, the music in Donnie Darko is a perfect complement to the story. I don't understand why the filmmakers' other films should have any effect on the comparison at hand. Granted, Kelly's "Southland Tales" wasn't great, but was neither was Nolan's "Insomnia". If I were to let anything of their subsequent efforts sway my vote here--and I'm not saying I have--it would be their ambition. Nolan played it pretty safe with his follow-ups while Kelly again swung for the fences (much like Rian Johnson did with "The Brothers Bloom", his follow-up to the excellent "Brick").

I have to go with Darko on this one. More indepth emotionally for me. Plus Jake Gyllenhaal's performance is amazing.

Donny Darko is a bag of wank.

I enjoyed both of these films, but I think they both receive too much credit -- neither of them changed anything in cinema, they just succeeded in crossing over from art-house to mainstream with crafty plots and lots of polish. DARKO is Lynch Lite, and MEMENTO is not a very good movie when the scenes are arranged chronologically -- which means without the gimmick, you don't have much. DARKO at least attempts satire, but as a comedy, I think SOUTHLAND TALES is more fun. And Nolan is going to out-Nolan himself with INCEPTION, so I really don't see much of a reason to canonize either of these flicks...

I'm going for Memento here, both as a better-crafted movie and as a movie I enjoy watching multiple times. I thought Donnie Darko was all right the first time I saw it, but on a second viewing I couldn't figure out why I enjoyed it; there was just no staying power. Memento I've seen four times, none of them recently but writing about it here makes me want to pop it in right now!

While Memento told its story in a clever way, each viewing of Donnie Darko leaves more for you to unearth, and it is open to interpretation, even though an official one from the creator has been made public. Thus, Donnie Darko wins in my book. In fact, Donnie Darko always wins for me on Flickchart.

memento all the way

Memento is a better movie, but I like Donnie Darko more.

Memento was an amazing first experience. Donie Darko has that whole 80's thing, but Memento still holds up on multiple viewings which you might not imagine.

I'm going with Memento. I like Donnie Darko--though I'm still not sure if I completely "got it"--but my love for crime/noir movies is what tips it for me.

Memento is the better film. Say what you will about rearranging the scenes chronologically, but if you do that, you are going against the nature of Leonard Shelby's character, which is what the film is an immersion into.

"Donnie Darko has that whole 80's thing, but Memento still holds up on multiple viewings." LOL. Sad to see that many don't vote for Donnie Darko because they don't understand it, or it's 'complex just for the sake of being complex.' You don't really need to leave a comment, in that case. Donnie Darko is a novel on film. I hated the director's cut, because the complexity and depth of the material serves the movie well, and doesn't need explaining. It is absolutely the case that the lack of simplicity in the story ADDS to the rewatchability and enjoyability of the movie. True art.

Hey this is my first comment! @ TenlnchToolz I have rearranged Memento in Chronological order,and believe me when I tell you,it adds a totally different viewing experience that doesn't hurt the film at all.There isn't that uncomfortable feeling the way that it is now,but it really is something different and still a very good movie. As for Donnie Darko,I've never really understood the whole fascination with this movie.My friends told me how cool it was,and when I finally saw it,I was very unimpressed.

Memento! Definately Memento!!!!!!!!!

wow two great movies in my opinion, memento take you on whole differnt side of things. to even write something like that just amazes me. but then there's donnie darko which is a cult classic in it's self, the time traveling concpect is dope.

Honestly, DD is overrated in my opinion. Memento is a far better film.

I can't believe how re-watchable both of these films are. Memento is so tight and the performances are amazing I have to give it the nod, but DD also has a great soundtrack. Too bad Richard Kelly seems like one and done and Nolan is still making captivating films ever since The Following.

Memento vs. Darko....The Joking Walrus says Memento, only because it's fun to figure out.

Both awesome movies that definitely make u think afterwards, but Memento is my all time favorite so i gotta go with that, but Darko isnt far behind

I like Donnie Darko more and more each time I watch it but I think the opposite is true with Memento.


Donnie Darko is more thought provoking and provides more entertainment value but watching Memento on my Dvd in real time sequence increases my admiration for Memento.

Both are f-ing sweet films. But, i'd have to say Donnie Darko is my favorite(of all time)!

Memento blew me away on the first viewing. Naturally Donnie Darko has slightly better replay value.

I think Donnie Darko is better because while both are thought provoking and psychological and everything, everytime i see Donnie Darko I notice something that I didn't notice the last time I saw it which makes a lot of sense. The second time I saw Memento wasn't nearly as good as the second time I saw Donnie Darko

I think Donnie Darko is better because while both are thought provoking and psychological and everything, everytime i see Donnie Darko I notice something that I didn't notice the last time I saw it which makes a lot of sense. The second time I saw Memento wasn't nearly as good as the second time I saw Donnie Darko

I think Donnie Darko is better because while both are thought provoking and psychological and everything, everytime i see Donnie Darko I notice something that I didn't notice the last time I saw it which makes a lot of sense. The second time I saw Memento wasn't nearly as good as the second time I saw Donnie Darko

Two very different types of movies. Maybe comparable in a "cult movie" discussion but not much in common other than the fact you really have to pay attention to both to know what's going on. Donnie Darko is on numerous "best movie" lists compiled by both "pro" critics and folks like us. I've watched it twice (the directors cut) in part because I know there can be a fine line between "I don't get it" and "that movie sucked". Well, let me say... I get it. Twice. Some movies try too hard to be cool. Memento is a fairly linear story told in a very non-linear manner. A lot of fun to watch and a good story. And the winner is...

Donnie Darko is just popular. Memento is a masterpiece.

Memento does not require any outside explanation to understand, and it still manages to satisfy intellectually, but Donnie Darko stays under your skin long after it is over, and that is why so many people look to the Special Features to get a better understanding of it. Donnie Darko wins, but it is a tough call.

donnie darko all the way. the atmosphere of the movie is entrancing, the soundtrack excellent, and the characters highly complex. favorite of all time

Even though I love Donnie Darko, I have to go with Memento, it's one a film that never fails to amaze me. Also Guy Pearce is a great actor who is far too underrated in my opinion.

Memento is a true marriage of craft, story and performance. There are no weak pieces and while everything you need is right there in front of you, it keeps you guessing all the way. Darko creates a similar sense of unease with what will happen next, but as you peel away the layers it starts to unravel. Memento is novel without relying on novelty and mysterious while remaining coherent. Point Memento.

Memento is a true marriage of craft, story and performance. There are no weak pieces and while everything you need is right there in front of you, it keeps you guessing all the way. Darko creates a similar sense of unease with what will happen next, but as you peel away the layers it starts to unravel. Memento is novel without relying on novelty and mysterious while remaining coherent. Point Memento.


Both messed with my head 'til the end, and they are both really unique, but I really enjoyed the way the story was told in Memento, as simple as the story actually is.

Both blew my tiny little mind when I first saw them, but I think I've seen Donnie Darko so many times and psychoanalized to such an extent that I'm slightly turned off by it now, so Memento.. for now

Both are very trippy and bizarrely-told stories, but Memento is much better told. Darko gets so bogged-down in the weirdness that it's hard to figure what Kelly is getting at (in terms of theme; the actual series of events I can understand). Nolan is much more in control, and is able to tell a very disorienting story without ever actually losing anyone in the shuffle.

After watching Donnie Darko I was totally confused. I had no idea what just happened and how it happened. I liked Memento because of the way it started out and how it slowly backed up until we see how it all began. I still wonder if Teddy was telling the truth or it WAS all lies!

Memento >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Donnie Darko. Not even close.

Memento >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Donnie Darko. Not even close.

Donnie Darko? Meh. I'll take Memento.

They are both great movies. It's really hard to choose from those two. Both are very unique! I'll go for "Memento", I loved the idea that they told us the story backwards.

Although choosing a Chris Nolan flick is usually my go to move, I must give it to Donnie Darko. That movie has a special place i my heart. One of the first thinking man's movies that introduced a deep story with hidden meaning to boot.


I actually changed my mind a while back. I love the way @brianmf describes his first viewing experience of Donnie Darko, because that's EXACTLY how I felt after seeing it my first time. Although I didn't entirely understand it (probably still don't, as I have not seen The Director's Cut and probably never will seeing as how many complain it takes away much of the magic from the film), it sank into my skin and I wanted to see it again immediately after it ended. I was just too busy gushing about it to everyone I knew. Both are great films that succeed in delivering a unique cinematic experience, but the because Donnie Darko still lingers in my mind even more so than Memento, it deserves my vote.

Darko because it's probably the greatest one hit wonder in film history.

Donnie Darko without a doubt. It was one of those films that will never leave me. Nolan on the other hand can piss off.

Franks a boss.

Donnie Darko for sure; it sparked so many conversations and idealogical debates between my firends and I. It actually made me stop and seriously think: What if people that appear to have mental disorders (multiple personalities, schiz, and so on) actually have abilities above human to communitcate with the dead or some higher being and can "time-travel". Maybe we normal people just percieve this as those individuals being insane and out of touch with reality when in fact they are able to delve into a reserve of extra perception that we can't comprehend. Is Donnie crazy? Or did those thing really happen to him? EH??!...think about it! haha

Memento all day on this one...

Memento every single day for the rest of my life.

These are literally #2 and #3 on my chart right now. Tough decision

oh please i love momento but darko is clearly the better film and hese why think about it if momento was just told from start to finish like a regular movie it would be not even a good movie think about it but because its all mysterious it makes it more interesting darko did not need any tricks to blow ur mind all it needed was a great story and great lines that make u think

Oh, Memento for sure. I love Donnie Darko but Memento was definitely the better film.

Memento is just what Donnie Darko was trying to be. Christopher Nolan is the true master of psychological thrillers, not Richard Kelly.

Donnie Darko was a mistake: The best mistake ever. This movie wasn't supposed to be any good and yet it is intriguing and mind bending. Every time I watch it I catch something else. Every camera shot contributes to the time travel. Nolan beats Kelly any day, but Memento bored me. The style was great, but the ending was easy to guess. Donnie Darko every day.

Donnie Darko is nowhere near as good a film as Memento. Nolan's film is a modern and interesting take on a classic genre and is executed perfectly. The mystery, characters and ending are all inline with what an excellent film noir should be. DD on the other hand is a convoluted mess that is too in love with its own ideas to tell a worth while story. It gets bogged down trying to be cool and clever and is never able to express its ideas clearly enough to be interesting. It's nothing more then a way for college students to try and impress idiots by seeming deep and philosophical. It's not mind blowing, it's a muddled mess. The ideas behind the movie are interesting and worth reading about but ultimately it fails as a film. Also, Memento didn't go on to spawn S.Darko.

both good but i loved everything about darko. The movie is able to set such a unique mood that you will find nowhere else

While Memento kept me interested throughout the movie, when it was over I felt that none of it really mattered. I made no real connection with the near emotionless protagonist and though I pitied him that is as far as my emotional connection went. There is no real character development and he makes no character altering choices throughout his investigation. Memento is a pretty good movie with no characters to feel good about in the end. Donnie Darko on the other hand is not only mind bending but also has several memorable characters who I identified with and who learn and grow from the experiences they have. Donnie Darko proves that you can have a film with great characters that can also leave you trying to figure things out long after the credits roll.

I love both movies but I prefer memento. I personally think it is Nolan's best film. Just because a movie is confusing and linear does not make it great or avante garde or anything. I have always felt that donnie darko is confusing for the sake of being confusing and I think it does get way too much credit even though i still like it.


memento is so much better

Darko everytime. I still think about this film almost 10 years after seeing it for the first time, I can't say the same for Momento. There are people that think they understood it better after the director's cut came out, but that was like an Author re-writing his own ending to explain his interpretation. There is no right or wrong interpretation, in fact there are tons of interpretations of Donnie Darko and they are all equally interesting. I walked away with new ideas and a new way of thinking about our existence. Few films ever had that impact on me, and in my opinion it's still Jake G's best performance to date.

Donnie Darko is a film of self indulgence that panders to a specific sort of fan, Memento challenges and thrills. Memento wins

Memento! Memento has me connected and invested each time. Donnie Darko has me more disconnected and disinterested each time after the initial "OMG WTF!!1!" wears off. Both films do have staying power & make a good match-up... but Memento takes it.

Memento wins

Memento = Gimmick that is amazing and influential the first time around. But no replay value. Donnie Darko = Something you can watch over and over and get new meaning and interpretations each and every time. +++++ I don't know if Richard got lucky or stole from some God of Writing, but Darko works on so many essential levels like Star Wars does when it comes to storytelling.

MEMENTO. Sheer genious

MEMENTO. Sheer genius

I agree with missing_no, Donnie Darko just keeps getting better with every viewing.

I agree with missing_no, Donnie Darko just keeps getting better with every viewing.

Can't find anything of substance in Donnie Darko despite having seen it ten times? It's not your fault, Will. It's not your fault.

I'm going with Memento.

Memento easily, not the biggest Darko fan.

Memento is one of my favourite films, i'd pick almost it over most films. It's not Donnie Darko's fault

Memento is one of my favourite films, i'd pick almost it over most films. It's not Donnie Darko's fault

Both are super weird, but Memento is the better film.

Memento is a film that certainly take you for a ride that keeps you guessing. Donnie Darko has the more to it and leaves you with thinking. Edge to Donnie Darko.

Memento. I find it a more engaging as well as though provoking. Donnie Darko is brilliant also, and might go up my chart with time.

Both some of my favorites, but Memento has the edge here.

Both films have great styles that I love, but I have to give it to Nolan.

Both films have great styles that I love, but I have to give it to Nolan.

It's a shame that the better movie is losing this battle. They are both good films, and Memento is probably put together better, but Donnie Darko is just such a strange and fantastic film. It has it's flaws, but piecing it together is much more fun than doing so with Memento. I felt no reward for my experience at the end of the latter.

It's quite easy. Memento is the better movie, in fact it is the best movie made yet according to me.It is so simple yet the thrill it gives is UNCOMPARABLE. 8.6 imdb rating is too low for this movie !!!!!!! Christopher nolan's best work till date. This movie keeps you engrossed and turns everything upside down in the (literally) last five-fucking-minutes !!!!

Pretty one-sided. Memento.

The better movie isn't nearly as celebrated unfortunately.

Both are fascinating character pieces, as well as excellent mind-benders. I think Memento not only had an interestingly twisted narrative, but also has a thought provoking theme of the importance of life's memories. I think that makes it tower over DD.

memento anyday

"Donnie Darko's" depth over "Memento's" gimmick. But I love both films.

Memento is fantastic but I think I like Donnie Darko a little more.

Darko may be the only movie that makes Memento a hard choice. But in the end, Memento is still my all time favorite. Greatest ending ever IMO.

Darko is Mementoness

I will find you and kill you reyndevil

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Memento is better mindblender

Memento wins

Donnie Darko was memorable, but Memento is a perfect movie to me.

Donnie Darko is more iconic and has changed my life. It is so great and Memento is awesome too but it loses.

Two brilliant films but Memento is in my top 10

Donnie Darko is okay nothing special. It's not hard to get. Memento is analyzable and interesting. Also it's way more cinematic.


Memento... by far. I think Darko tries a bit to hard to be obscure and in the end the message it is attempting to convey doesn't pay off. Conversely I feel Memento is near perfect with the direction and the way in which the story was presented.

Memento by a fucking landslide.

Definitely 'Donnie Darko'. Though the story still confuses me, it has a far richer world with memorable characters. 'Memento' might have a clever story, but it focuses so much on the technique of film writing that it lacks emotion. I didn't particularly warm up to the main character, especially at the end. They are very different films, yet you can still find a connection between them when comparing, which is interesting.

Donnie Darko is pretentious movie for teen angst girls. Memento is a landmark in filmmaking. This is not even a contest.

Hard one, loved them both. Memento was less confusing for me soo... :P


Donnie Darko is the kind of movie that jumps up, surprises you, and then sticks with you. Momento is also that kind of film, but I've got to go with Darko.

memento is much superior in form

Memento all the way.

Memento by further miles and miles.

Both fantastic films with cult following. Darko is more complex and layered and requires multiple viewings to fully understand and appreciate. Momento has more technical polish and is more accessible. I think I'll go with Momento because it's more unique.

I'm going with Donnie Darko on this one just because Donnie Darko has a stronger atmosphere or mood than Memento. Like they both have perplexing plots, both are very good unique movies released around the same time. But Memento just doesn't have as strong imagery as Donnie Darko's imagery. I imagine Bunny Men in liminal spaces, hopelessness underscored by a angsty soundtrack, it's very unique compared to Memento's noir.