Donnie Darko vs. The Butterfly Effect



Great match up, I would say Darko personally.

Too hard to choose

Donnie Darko!!

butterfly effect much better

like them both but Donnie Darko is an easy win

Donnie Darko is a masterpiece of the coming-of-age genre and is absolutely brilliant. It works perfectly. The Butterfly Effect is a very captivating film once you buy into it. Aston Kutcher didn't bother me at all and it kept me on the edge of my seat. Donnie Darko is the winner though.

Butterfly Effect is a bad movie that pretends to be smarter than it actually is. Donnie Darko is an okay film that pretends to be smarter than it actually is, although it definitely has some intelligence in it too. Neither of these films will stand the test of time. The editing, cinematography, lighting, CGI and even the acting in both of these films just stink of that late 90's and early 2000's style of movie making. Anyways Donnie Darko of course is the better movie here.

Donnie Dario is head and shoulders better than Butterfly Effect.

Our votes cancel each out every time without fail Boggsies. Love both, Butterfly Effect a little more so.


Donnie Darko is far superior.

Easy, easy win for Darko...