Green Book vs. Roma



on 2/10/2019

These two seems to be the front runners for everybody else. Green Book is my front runner. Roma should just go fuck itself. I had serious trouble trying to finish Roma. Green Book just flew by. Roma is completely empty for me, while Green Book make me feel happy and fulfilled. If Roma made me feel physical pain while watching it, Green Book healed me and relieved the tensions from an unhappy day. I'm not going to take on quality here on this one. I'm going to take emotional reaction. I guess that shows which one is obvious winner for me.

on 2/25/2019

Green Book deserved it. Green Book got it. Nice.


on 2/25/2019

Green Book is a very good film but Roma is the masterpiece here. The Netflix connection and the fact that it won best foreign film and the preferential Oscar ballet is why it lost best picture. Green Book is Driving Mr. Daisy in my opinion.. I would of preferred BlacKlansman or even The Favourite over Green Book. Well at least Green Book is better than most Hollywood films lately.

on 3/13/2019

Green Book is a much better film. I cant stand how you push a subject that is politically driven, make it black and white, and all of a sudden everyone thinks it's a masterpiece.

on 3/26/2019

Completely agree with "ear" on Green Book.