Eraserhead vs. GoodFellas



Eraserhead has a certain defeatism about it that irritates me. It's joyless. All the humor emerges from negativity and awkwardness. Which is fine, when you're an angsty teen. Goodfellas.

Anytime I can pick against Eraserhead...I'm gonna do it. Goodfellas makes it that much easier...

Not the biggest Eraserhead fan, or David Lynch actually.

Love Lynch. As a guy who seriously thinks The Adventures of Pete & Pete is the greatest show of all time, I appreciate me some strange. Eraserhead's the only film of Lynch's that I've shrugged at, so far. Negative, for sure. And I didn't dig that. It just gives me the creeps, and not in a good way. Usually, the guy would have me glued to the screen, but not so with Eraserhead.

I think I was a bit harsh saying I don't like David Lynch. I just looked at his filmography, I have The Elephant Man, Blue Velvet, Wild at Heart, Lost Highway and The Straight Story high on my list, plus I liked Twin Peaks. If anything, I'm a fan of Lynch. My above comment is stupid. I think because I really, really dislike some of his films, they leave a bad image of him in my head. He still loses to Goodfellas though.

Eraserhead is a dull, pretentious, meaningless, self-indulgent, incoherent piece of garbage...but other than that, it's great.


I feel like the only person who would pick Eraserhead here is Gabe from "The Office"

goodfellas is great, but i don't like it at all. meanwhile, eraserhead is one of my favorites