Eraserhead vs. The Shining



Just impossible to decide. Two of the spookiest movie experiences you can have.

Both films are masterful examples of great filmmakers creating tangibly creepy atmospheres. However, Nicholson is too big for much of the Shining. Eraserhead, warts and all, is a scarier film.

Stanley Kubrick was actually strongly influenced by Eraserhead, and screened it for his cast before he made The Shining. I definitely like Eraserhead, due to it's intense atmosphere and nonlinear dream sequences. Both the movies have extremely debatable themes.


This is why Flickchart should be banned in all fifty states and US territories.

You know what's inherently spooky if you're a mammal? Deep, artificial sounding droning noises. Kudos to whoever did/chose the music for both of these.

The Shining is not only a better movie, but its also much scarier. All those closeups of Shelly Duvall's face *shudder*

Although Lynch's Eraserhead influenced The Shining, I have to side with Kubrick's horror masterpiece. The narrative is much easier to follow and the film's darker elements are built up better.

Eraserhead is probably the worst movie ever made. If I was hired to close my loop, and my future self told me never to watch Eraserhead, I would let him live.

The Shining.....Eraserhead didn't click for me...