John Dies at the End vs. John Carter



John Dies at the End was pretty good, but it can't compete with John Carter.

Quite frankly...were either that impressive? I say no...but Carter wins this match up.

Neither was very good, but at least John Dies at the End tried at something interesting. John Carter was just a mindless Disney action movie.

John Carter doesn't deserve the bad rep it got when it came out, but its not much better than average. I have now seen John Dies at the End four times and I when I am trying to convince my friends to watch it I tell them that it's a philosophical mindfuck with a ridiculously well written script and a disappointing ending.

I think both films have their strenghts and weaknesses, in different areas. John Carter was a throughly entertaining albeit recycled action film with an average lead. John Dies At the End was an ambition mindf*** with very talented leads, but the script became aimless and the execution clunky. It's close, but John Dies at the End tried for something very different so A for effort. Team: John Dies at the End