Do the Right Thing vs. The Godfather



Both are brilliant in their different ways. The Godfather is an undeniable classic, but there is something about Do The Right Thing which is so raw and vivid. I'm still going for the Godfather however

Yikes. This is one of the toughest match-ups I've had in recent memory.

The Godfather is too much for Spike...

Spike Lee sorry Coppola

Definetily The Godfather even Do the right thing is a great film too but The Godfather is the best

Both are extremely great. Do The Right Thing is raw and powerful without being too preachy, and the Godfather is majestical. Yet I will opt for Spike Lee here

The Godfather is another level

the godfather is probably a better movie, but i don't much like it; do the right thing, however, is amazing


The slightest edge to Pulp Fiction.

^ Legendary comment.