Gravity vs. Interstellar



Cuaron is a better visual storyteller than Nolan. My vote goes to Gravity.

Interstellar owns Gravity, and that's saying something.

Look, I loved Gravity; it was in my Top 5 list of 2013, but it gets squashed beneath the mighty feet of Interstellar here. I agree with emkang that Cuaron is the better visual storyteller (because Gravity looked ridiculously great!) but as a storyteller as whole he got nothing on Nolan.

both great space movies, but interstellar just has way more to offer

Interstellar by a mile


Interstellar was more interesting, but they're both great.


The wormhole sucked me in! Interstellar!!!

Interstellar has a much better script and is more than just a visual experience. It easily wins.

Gravity was a million times more engaging....

Whoa, I'm surprised to see that Gravity is taking a bit of a beating here. Like TheEgant said, it's a far more engaging movie than Interstellar.


Gravity is so much better. Better connection and certainly better paced.

Gravity wins. Interstellar was way too long and not engaging enough. Gravity was short and to the point and much more thrilling.

Interstellar and Gravity were primarily made to show off great special effects. Cutting that out of the movie, you must choose what plot, acting and direction is better. Gravity, for me was a lot more well made. It had moments of psychologically distressing scenes for Sandra Bullock and that carried it from a simple sci-fi to a meditation of the human condition and how hope is always somewhere to be found. With Interstellar, the plot is quite ridiculous even from an ambitious standpoint. The themes of quantum physics and that complicated stuff was an interesting subject but just lacked with the human element. I'm not saying there was no sentiment in the film but the aspect that love is what is most important and how without it, we couldn't have the ambition to do things. That is just plain sappy. Interstellar showed off brilliant effects but a film on how a man travelled through a black hole to the fifth dimension to time travel his way back to his daughters bedroom and reveal the secrets of the universe through morse code WITH A WRIST WATCH is just too crazy. It is a good film but is HIGHLY OVERRATED. I mean it is like in the top 20 films ever on IMDB's top 250, over taking Star Wars, one of the greatest films of all time. Jesus Christ, I mean what the fuck. Nolan fanboys suck his dick and declare a good space exploration film as a masterpiece, which it is not. Gravity wins through its simplicity, human connection, good acting and brilliant direction. (By the way, I am a fan of Nolan and did like Interstellar)

Gravity for faster pacing and shorter length (so that it doesn't overstay its welcome) and for being more entertaining than Interstellar

Very hard, but I believe the most meaningful and unique is Interstellar...

Both have really cheesy symbolism, but I guess Gravity's was less stupid. Plus, it was a more engaging film than Interstellar. Interstellar wasn't bad per se, just really, really flawed.

I loved Interstellar, so I'll choose it. I still think Gravity is quite overrated.

Interstellar by miles

I agree with many that Interstellar was too long. During the theatre viewing, I didn't notice it as such. But after a second viewing, it felt like Nolan wanted to cut about 20 minutes out, but decided against it. That being said, I think it is Nolan's best work. And on any given day, if I had a choice, I would choose Interstellar.

Interstellar for me. Gravity was a fun ride but nothing more.

Are you kidding me? There was absolutely no character development and no depth to the plot of Gravity. I honestly couldn't have cared less whether or not Sandra Bullock survived. I feel that Gravity is way too overrated.

Whereas Interstellar's character development was a bunch of exposition. Gravity wasn't perfect by any means, but it was way more engaging than the good but very flawed Interstellar.

Gravity entertained me more


lol not close interstellar

i don't care for anything in gravity other than its visuals, of which i prefer interstellar's anyway


Gravity was a simple movie in comparison to the brilliant vision of Nolan 's Interstellar.

Two of the best movies in recent years, but i like Interstellar more

Interstellar is definetely an awesome movie, but Gravity is still FAR better.

Not a big fan of Gravity but almost anything is better than the awful Interstellar.

Gravity Is King! Yes before you say anything, I do think Interstellar is a good movie, but my biggest issues were between the characters not being as relatable as they should have been and story leaving plot holes in the third act. Still a good movie, but it just didn’t strike me on an emotional level. Gravity on the other hand, MASTERPIECE! Perfect symbolism of the concept of rebirth! Both George Clooney and Sandra Bullock nailed it as astronauts, and the visual effects and Digital IMAX cinematography was pure eye candy!

Interstellar by a laughable margin. Way better acting, story and soundtrack.