Gravity vs. Life of Pi




I'm surprised there's no comments on this matchup. Personally I slightly prefer Life of Pi due to its more complex story, but Gravity is also a visual masterpiece.

Oh yeah. Easily two of the greatest looking films to come out in recent memory for me. I cried during "Life of Pi" (there, I said it) so it felt like more of an emotional experience to me than "Gravity", which did provide for a great experience nonetheless. With that being said, I'll take emotion over experience for now.

I had much more fun with Gravity, I just found Life of Pi got old after a while.

Both are fantastic, but Life of Pi had better visuals, a better script, better acting, better story and I agree with Reelz in saying that it connected with me emotionally. Well, not connected, but it resonated. There we go! Wait, same thing? Oh whatever, LIFE OF PI!

Life of Pi is overrated. I said it, and have many times before. And I suppose Gravity is a tad overrated as well, but it is more deserving of it's overrated-ness, I feel.

Oooohhh, shit. I did Life of Pi such a disservice by not seeing it in the theater. I loved every inch of it (as I did the book), but I know that that is probably the only reason it's going to lose out to Gravity here. I'm quite certain I would not have reacted to Gravity the same way had I not seen it in 3D on the big screen. These are both excellent.

A rewatch of both has changed my mind. Gravity may have been a better experience (again, because I didn't see Pi in the theater), but Pi is the better film.

Life of Pi. Both overdid the 'what-it-means-to-be-human' aspect, but Gravity's version felt forced. Both are visual behemoths, but Pi breathed life with its use of color. Both could be said to have weak story lines, but once again, Gravity felt forced.

Both are beautiful works of filmmaking, I adore each. However, only a couple of sequences in Lee's film go beyond the power of the novel itself (though none fail it, owing to the incredible lead performance.) Its most visually experimental moments are totally worthy of this match-up. The VFX sequence opening with the whale fighting the squid has already begun to inspire films, including 2014's NOAH. Its reflective still waters shots are astounding. But Gravity took my breath for the duration of its opening shot, which we all know to continue for 17 minutes of the film's run time. It is truly the most terrified I have ever been watching a film, and it was thrilling, powerful, wonderful. Bullock's performance is enough to merit all-time praise, and it is so wonderful to have another space film conquered by a woman. And, once more, it is extremely beautiful. Life of Pi is a grand adaptation of something already powerful, but Gravity is invention of the greatest execution.

as a movie Gravity > Life of Pi Pi was good but Gravity was more entertaining.

Life of Pi had the visuals AND a good story. Gravity had the visuals but a very forced linear story.

It's actually scary how similar these to movies are. Although, I have to say that "Gravity" was a better overall experience. Every second of it is exhilarating (even at home, though I do have a 3D TV and surround sound), and it is very beautiful. "Life of Pi," however, is like watching "Gravity" with more storytelling elements put forward, but it doesn't have the same feel of exhilaration when you watch it. Ultimately––SPOILER––that final step on the sand in "Gravity," mixed with the triumphant and fitting final song of its soundtrack, felt far more rewarding. Despite this, "Life of Pi," shares the same amount of beauty and mysticism. In short, "Gravity" is an experience, whereas "Life of Pi" is a story. They are definitely my two favorite films. And I think it is safe to say they are some of the best movies ever caught on film.

The thing about "Gravity" is it is a really easy film to enjoy. There' s no thinking involved. Then there's the pure, raw emotions that it evokes: fear, anxiety, claustrophobia. This, paired with Sandra Bullocks acting, top of the line, groundbreaking CGI, music, and great directing and cinematography makes one hell of a movie. "Life of Pi" was beautiful, but overall it didn't make me feel that there was a god. If anything, it showed me that religion is choosing to believe if something is true or not, rather than it being to at all. Don't get me wrong, I loved "Life of Pi," but "Gravity" was easier to enjoy and more gripping with its intense scenes of destruction. And even its destruction was beautiful!

life of pi easily .......gravity had a loose story

Gravity is the easy choice....

Gravity with ease.

Gravity is one of the few films I can think of where 3D provided a crucial narrative difference. I remember watching it in the theater. (spoiler:) Dr. Ryan Stone emerges on earth, and the view shifts from 3D to 2D. That shift with Sandra Bullock's acting made me feel the weight of the gravity on her. This was a way I had never related to a character before. Life of Pi was absolutely beautiful but created no moments like that.