Gravity vs. Captain Phillips



My two favorite films of 2013 so far. In "Phillips", Hanks, the guy who portrayed "Muse", and the intensity ultimately carried the film for me. Everything in "Gravity" carried the film for me...except for gravity itself, I guess. The space thriller is still my favorite film of this year.

Gravity for now...

Two of my favorites of the year, but Gravity IS my favorite of the year.

These are the two best of 2013 so far. Tom Hanks and Sandra Bullock should both be Oscar winners. Gravity was a great experience though, so I will pick that.

Gravity was such a superb cinematic experience. Captain Phillips was great too, but Gravity is the winner here.

These are both excellent films. Very intense, well acted, and very memorable. But Gravity is definitely the winner. It's more intense (or, rather, more consistently intense) and much more interesting in terms of technical work. Captain Phillips is an excellent film, but Gravity is still the winner.

In my opinion I give Gravity an 8/10 and for Captain Phillips I give that a 9.5/10.

Yep, I'll continue this Gravity love trend. OOH, SANDRA PUT IT IN ME!

Gravity is a near masterpiece. For some, it will be life changing. Captain Phillips is solid, but it doesn't leave the impact that Gravity does.

Love both of these movies Tom Hanks I felt was the only True Snub at the Oscars this year easily the most powerful performance of 2013 Gravity was awesome and I was captivated by its Cinematography. let the chart decide.

Frankly, neither of these films left that big an impact on me. I have a pretty good memory of them, but I honestly wouldn't care too much to see either again. Gravity is a film which looks amazing in cinema but will probably lose a lot of replay value in home media on the grounds that it just isn't as spectacular to look at on anything other than an IMAX screen. Not to mention the fact that it's got some pretty poor writing, both from a dialogue and character standpoint, and by the end I was completely thrown off by the sheer monumental contrivences the film went to to keep Sandra Bullock alive. Captain Phillips was on track to be a fantastic film, until the lifeboat got launched into the water, after which the repetitive nature of the story became rather tedious and the film lost some of the tension built up. It was redeemed from disappointment however in the last few minutes of the film when Tom Hanks delivers arguably some of the finest acting of his career; that he was not nominated for an academy award while Sandra Bullock was is pretty shameful. Truth be told, I enjoyed both of these films to a significant degree, but I'm being overly harsh on them on the grounds that a) no one else will, and b) they were overhyped to some extent (Gravity much more so). Overall though, I think Gravity was the more entertaining experience despite the many flaws which nobody seems to care about, whereas Captain Phillips neither deviated from nor improved upon the standard Paul Greengrass formula. Gravity wins.

Hanks not being nominated for an Oscar for the last five minutes of "Captain Phillips" is bogus. I am glad that Barkhad Abdi was nominated for Best Supporting Actor though. He deserves it.

Captain Phillips was an incredible movie; it's nail biting-ly tense, stressful and impeccably acted. Hanks and Abdi are both fantastic and Greengrass delivers very strong direction. That being said, Gravity was an experience! And the easy victor.

Gravity was better, and it's funny that Sandra Bullock was better than Tom Hanks at something he tried to copy off of Spencer Tracy with Castaway and The Old Man and the Sea respectively. Making a film nearly entirely with only 1 person. Now for this comparison, Captain Phillips is good, but Gravity is better. Gravity will help change special effects in the industry and was a powerful story. Captain Phillips was very well done and a crazy story that was based on true events, but was not as good as Gravity.

Gravity takes my vote. Captain Phillips, while tense at times, really doesn't pick up until the halfway mark. Which makes for some uninteresting segments leading up to the gripping finale. Gravity on the other hand, picks itself up straight away and provides an intense 90 minutes.

Gotta go Captain Phillips. Tom Hanks does some of his finest acting ever in this film.

Gravity had great visuals but that was about it. Tom Hanks' performance was infinitely better than Sandra Bullock's. Captain Phillips takes it here.

Visuals vs Acting. Gravity is a better experience but Captain Phillips had infinitely better acting in it. Fuckin Sandra Bullock panting throughout the movie like the dumb blonde in a horror flick. Plot-wise, Captain Phillips still wins even though it's based on a true story. But for me the winner is Gravity thanks to Cuaron's outstanding direction. If it weren't for him and his visuals the movie would have been total garbage.

Captain Phillips is really good, but it's also harrowing as hell. It was often unpleasant to watch. Gravity is more enjoyable.

Both are great movies. Gravity is the better film, but I would watch either one again and be happy.