Gravity vs. 2001: A Space Odyssey



Wow ... I'm speechless. Probably one of the hardest match-ups I've ever encountered on Flickchart. 2001 isn't a movie I'd re-watch anytime soon, but it is a great film. I really enjoyed Gravity and it wins barely.

I'd love to be able to judge 2001: A Space Odyssey after seeing it on a movie theater screen (which is obviously how it was meant to be seen). As things are, I can only judge it based on the way I've seen it (on a television screen), and I see it as an emotionally remote film that is far longer than it really needs to be. Gravity, meanwhile, is just an incredible viewing experience. It looks amazing, the characters are easy to connect with, and the story doesn't meander. It may not be as thought-provoking as Stanley Kubrick's film, but it is far more emotionally resonant. In my eyes, Gravity wins.

I completely agree with Caesar. Even though 2001 is thought provoking, and is technically brilliant, I simply didn't find myself entertained by it (some of the time). Gravity, on the other hand, kept me both enthralled and amazed at everything that was happening behind the camera. Although in the future Gravity won't be hailed as influential to cinema as 2001 is today, that doesn't stop me from easily putting Gravity ahead.

WOW VERY TOUGH!!! For now im gonna go with gravity

I loved Gravity. It's the film of the year (so far). However, this is still no contest.

Gravity it is. And probably based solely on the theater experience...

Gravity wins for me as well. It's just more focused and compelling.

I can't believe you guys. Calling Gravity better than 2001 is an insult. 2001 wins.

I don't know, I think which of these two films you prefer says a lot about your taste as a movie lover. I'd pick 2001, but that's because I like heady, crazy art films. But Gravity is definitely an easier film to enjoy, and extremely good at what it's trying to do. Kubrick was expressing some of the most vast ideas ever depicted on film. Cuaron was making a gut wrenching thriller. Both are top notch movies. Just because 2001 has classic cache doesn't change that.


Both succeed in doing what they set out to do, but I personally prefer the soul-stirring Gravity over the mind-bending 2001.

I don't know, I literally saw Gravity 20 minutes ago! 2001 one of my favorite films of all time, but Gravity brought out every emotion I could think of out of me. This is very, very, very, very, very hard!

I thought Gravity was intellectually simple and emotionally immature. However, the cinematography and special effects are brilliant and moreover create a very effiective thriller, if you can't admire them for just what they are and the film's failures in other areas doesn't detract from that. The silly backstory and dialogue is what created the mass appeal of Gravity but I would have preferred they didn't attempt at drama. 2001 is in a whole other league for reasons which ought to be obvious.

2001 = 2deep4u Gravity - Emotional masterpiece and possibly the greatest movie of all time. Easy choice.

I'm quite surprised that Gravity is winning. And yet I'm honestly choosing it as well.

Since a few weeks have passed I have rethought this and I think I over exaggerated! 2001 is a way better film, enjoyed Gravity, but it just doesn't compare!

I just saw Gravity and I thought it was an amazing experience. It's one of my new favourite films. Ultimately though, 2001 is still the greatest experience ever put on film, so 2001 wins!

Both are pretty spectacular to look at ("2001" still looks great after all these years). From a narrative standpoint, both of these films are different. "Gravity" has an emotional story and the story in "2001" is a complex mystery. In a way, though, it seems as if "Gravity" won't be able to retain its awe after multiple viewings. "2001" on the other hand is just the opposite. "Gravity" is definitely my favorite film of 2013 so far but I don't see myself picking it over "2001".

Gravity is certainly one of the best movies of the year, but 2001 is one of the best of all time. 2001 wins, no contest

I wasn't moved very much by the story of Gravity, the fact that it is one of the most visually stunning movies I've ever seen is the only thing it has going for it. 2001 was more enjoyable for me.

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I really enjoyed Gravity and found it very impressive, but it can't match 2001. No way.

Yeah, 2001 is far better, and I say that as a Gravity supporter.

At the end of the day, Gravity is a fantastic survival thriller. I think that as years go by, even with A Space Odyssey having aged 45 years longer, Gravity will age far worse.

2001 is still the greatest with no peer.

2001: A Space Odyssey; Wouldn't it be a story if Gravity wins and becomes the first Sci-Fi epic to win Best Picture? I certainly hope it does, it deserves it.

No question at all Gravity is a really good space film but 2001 is the best space film ever

2001 buries gravity

How could I have been son wrong. 2001 wins now.

2001b is much more fascinating, I love it and prefer it over Gravity but Gravity is great, and I wouldn't be surprised if someone went with it.

2001: A Space Odyssey

I can't believe how hard this decision is. I love both films, but I have to choose "Gravity." It's easier to watch, and is an experience. It's completely beautiful and it feels like your really dying in space. That said, "2001: A Space Odyssey" is less a movie and more a philosophical masterpiece. It has endless interpretations and has sparked countless debates, and it is definitely a classic. Actually, there is even a reference to it in "Gravity." I don't know if you noticed it, but when Sandra Bullock's character falls asleep in the fetal position in front of the large circular window to space, it complete mirrors the birth of the space-child.

2001 takes this easily. Gravity is overrated.


I didn't really like 2001 but I still prefered it to Gravity by a thousand miles. Gravity is one of the most overrated films ever made.

Yes, I understand the gravity of not picking 2001 in this match-up.