Black Swan vs. The Social Network



Black Swan was good, but too weird. The Social Network is the best movie of 2010.

Black Swan is exactly the right amount of weird. I think The Social Network just edges this one.

I liked "The Social Network" quite a lot, but "Black Swan" was perfect. The commentary about art, ageism, insecurity, id vs.'s rare to find a film that's actually *about* something beyond its superficial layer. Absolutely brilliant movie.

Easily the Social Network, it is an absolutley brilliant movie. Do not care much for Black Swan, I found Natalie Portman's charchter to be extremely annoying and considering she is in almost every frame of the film, you can understand why I really do not like that movie!

It's weird how things turn out. Last year, when I first heard that two of my favorite current directors, Darren Aronofsky and David Fincher, both had movies in the works, I anxiously awaited the release of both. Then, when I heard what they were about, my excitement level for Black Swan only went up even further, whereas my excitement level for The Social Network went down. I loved The Fountain and it looked like Black Swan would be a lot like that. The Social Network, though, was just some movie about Facebook. Nothing particularly grabbing there. Except, in the end, it was The Social Network that really grabbed me. And it never let go, either. From start to finish, Fincher had my attention and interest. I wish I could say the same about Aronofsky and Black Swan. Natalie Portman's performance was all that it was cracked up to be (pun intended) and it was certainly interesting, but it never really set itself apart from the host of other psychological thrillrs that I've seen. So, I have to give this to The Social Network, a movie I only really watched on account of it being directed by Fincher and receiving inordinate amounts of hype and acclaim.

These two are in my top 3 favorite films of 2011, only both being beaten by Inception (My #3 all time), but I'll have to go with Social Network because of the writing and dialogue.

Both amazing films but you'll probably catch me more in the mood for watching The Social Network in most cases.

Aronofsky is *this* close to getting all the recognition he deserves; I do hope his "Noah's Arks" does that. But meanwhile... Fincher, Sorkin, Eisenberg, Garfield and doggone Hammer... you just couldn't go wrong.

"Black Swan" was such a let down for me - Portman was good, but I didn't feel like she deserved the Oscar. "The Social Network" was much better than I'd anticipated and has a lot more replay value for my money.

Black Swan. Portman's performance was mesmerizing, and Jesse Eisenberg's was great as well. These are two of my favorite films from last year, and they are both fantastic. However, Black Swan is absolutely HAUNTING, and while the end of The Social Network ends up nice and tidy, Black Swan is an ambiguous ending that requires and demands multiple viewings. Black swan by a nose.

Both of my favs ...but I would choose Black Swan because it has such a powerful ending.

The Social Network was less disappointing.

The Social Network smashes Black Swan....

I though Social Network was good, but Black Swan was brilliant.

I found The Social Network a bit boring. Black Swan was pretty good.

Black Swan

2 of my favorites of 2010,this pretty tough.

Black Swan beats TSN


That doesn't make any sense, it's like there are party scenes!

That doesn't make any sense, it's like there are party scenes!

I guess I'm in the minority, but I loved Black Swan more. These are the two best of 2010, but Black Swan perfectly combines drama, psychological thriller, and body horror, and also has a stunning finale, so I'm going with Aronofsky.

The Social Network is overrated fluff.

Black Swan by a mile, but both are in my top 20.

Two of my favorite films ever made. Black Swan quite easily for me, though.

The Social Network is simply talented here.


Black Swan is brilliant and an easy win here.