The French Connection vs. The Conversation



two awesome hackman, but definitely have to go with the conversation.

I agree with you on that one. The Conversation is more thought provoking.

For me it's The French Connection, but not by much

TFC by miles.

two amazing movies, this is a very close one but I'm going to go with the French Connection.

The French Connection barely comes out on top.

Just as I don't understand how The French Connection did so well at the Oscars, I don't understand how it's winning here. Because, as entertaining as it may be, The Conversation is an infinitely better film.

Two brilliant Gene Hackman performances from great movies. Both are very close to each other on my list, but ultimately it's the freshness of just seeing French Connection which prevails here.

The Conversation is both the better Hackman performance and the better Hackman movie.

I'm a guy who has no trouble finding things to think about in movies, and who usually locks right in with cerebral stuff. I think there's much less going on in The Conversation than is commonly thought. I found it a pretty empty experience, and a frustrating one. TFC, on the other hand, is an even more fun gritty 70s crime thriller than it probably thought it was.

Conversation easily.

The Conversation for me

Sorry Coppola The French Connection wins, but close matchup.

"The French Connection" wins. Bloody badass film! The last hour left me struggling for breath!