The French Connection vs. The Exorcist



The Exorcist a match up that frankly isn't all that close for me...

Yawn? Dude, wtf?

Do you know what he did? Your cunting Cleckley

Teeheeeheee. As a Brit, I applaud the use of the word "cunting." The Exorcist does little for me. It's got one of the greatest scores of all time and has a few quotable lines, but I don't find it engrossing. Although there are exceptions, pure/straight-up/atmospheric horror films don't do it for me (especially the old stuff). The French Connection should've been an enjoyable film. It was not. As much as I love Gene Hackman, the last time I sat through the film was one of the dullest experiences of my life. There was lots of walking and not very much speaking. Also, I prefer Gene when he's sort of charmingly cocky and amusing.

Even though I found the long buildup to the exorcism more interesting than the exorcism itself, The Exorcist kept me entertained from beginning to end. In that regard, it's the polar opposite of The French Connection, a movie I pretty much hated every second of.

Noooooo! Say it ain't so, Caesar.

I love both, but must choose The French Connection. The Exorcist can fade with repeated viewings as many of the thrills come from shock. The French Connection holds up better for me after re-watching many times.

The French Connection is an amazing film. The Exorcist was so dull that I almost fell asleep watching it, dreadful film.

Agree with Ajzz.

The Exorcist is pretty good, but it drags. The French Connection is easily the superior Friedkin film.

The Exorcist only grew scarier as I grew up; The French Connection, seeing it for the first time, didn't excite me as much as the first or last time I saw The Exorcist. (But I liked it quite a bit better than the second time I saw The Exorcist in the ninth grade, not remembering at all why I found it scary and instead watching it "ironically.")

French Connection. Its story and characters are way more nuanced and it makes for a more engaging experience.