Evil Dead vs. The Departed



Remakes aren't always all that bad. The Departed's better than the movie it's based on, Evil Dead is not. First, Evil Dead. It's not perfect and it's not the original, so get that out of your head before you sit down to watch it. But it IS fun (albeit in a very sick way) and I think it makes for a fun companion piece. It doesn't taint the original's glowing fire of brilliance, for all the remake-allergic out there, and it's there for the open-minded ones who are willing to give its ridiculous gore and green tint a try. The Departed - I'm Hong Kong though and through. The only way I could be more Hong Kong was if I was born there. But the US did a better job on this one. Scorsese's presence makes it a win almost from the jump. The cast and the music help, as does The Departed's grittier nature in comparison to Infernal Affairs' floaty vibe. Maybe it's just a question of taste - I've heard as many people say they'd rather watch the original as I have people who dig Scorsese's take more. My opinion on THIS matchup - Scorsese's improvement beats Alvarez's friendly companion piece.

I haven't seen the originals of either of these films so that's a conversation I can't really have. All I'll add is this: Evil Dead is terrible.

Obviously The Evil D.... oh.

The Departed by 290 miles