Godzilla vs. Godzilla: King of the Monsters



2nd movie for actually having the title character in it with even more monsters as a bonus

When are they ever gonna make a Godzilla movie that's actually ABOUT Godzilla. I never care about the humans in these movies. It's always 2 hours of sappy storytelling and 10 minutes of Godzilla fighting. If I want human stories, I'll go watch a Woody Allen movie.

Both aren't great, but I basically tend enjoy the sequel more than that bad disappointment first previous film.

I admit that King of the Monsters was extremely impressive with a much better adversary in King Ghidorah, but it's still missing those transcendent cinematic moments like the HALO jump in Godzilla (2014). In the end I must pick the first one for making its spectacular moments mean more.

Godzilla: King of the Monsters was a massive improvement from the original in every respect. Pacing, story, characters, action etc. It's still a bit clunky as far as dialogue and character development are concerned, but it's a huge step up from the disappointing first film and is overall satisfying as a monster movie.

I view the 2nd slightly better but to me this is a series that resembles the recycled garbage like transformers series that comes across so choppy.

Neither are amazing, but at least the second one had some solid action....Skull Island thumps both...

0-2 ... two bad bad films. How do you mess this up so badly in an age where CGI should at least make it cool and fun????

I think 2014 is underrated, it’s got a lot of tension and build up to the final fight and great side characters. Though the biggest problem is that the main character just kinda goes along with stuff, not really adding much. But a lot of other stuff really works in that films favor. Though KOTM wins obviously. Much better main characters, amazing action, great discussions about nature and humanity, and keeping each monster memorable and unique. And probably it’s biggest strength is able to mix the characters into the monster action while also keeping the plot going instead of being put on pause like a lot of monster movies.

I intend that kotm was provoking of the good modern characters such as king ghidorah often rather than the 2014 here