Jaws vs. The Godfather Part II



Unfair, both of these movies are in my top 10. Godfather 2, though I've seen Jaws a million times and it never gets old.

Two of the very best films of the Seventies- this is tough. I'll favor Godfather Part II for now.

Jaws wins for sure, Godfather is too booring and lengthy.

Godfather for sure.

Godfather....sorry Jaws...no hard feelings?

The shark can't beat Michael Corleone.

Part II is a far superior film to Jaws.

Godfather 2 for it's storytelling and acting.

I think Jaws has become a bit aged

Jaws is a vastly entertaining film that deserves a lot of the praise it gets, the Godfather II deserves even more praise though.

Coin flip....going Jaws...

tormaakechudi jaws

Of course TGF2 is the greater film, but that's not really what this site is about. I personally prefer watching Jaws.

The Godfather Part II is better in almost every way

Jaws is good but its not better than part II

I'm going with Jaws.

The Godfather Part II

Fuck that shit, Jaws is just a film about a shark killing people, and no matter how well directed and executed it is, it cannot compete with an outstanding crime drama about the mafia, regarded as one of the best films of all time.

The Godfather, Part II is a league above Jaws

I can't see the why anyone would tamper a few match-ups, just like The Dark Knight ones, or these ones. Anyways, Jaws is the one I'd rather watch than Godfather 2.

Jeez Danny didn't have to comment 10,608 times


Jaws eats corleone family.

Jaws is a solid movie, but godfather part 2 is a flat out masterpiece

jaws is good, but i've never seen the hype for it. the godfather is as near perfect as its reputation suggests, even if i don't much like it

Why do people have to spam these discussions? Anyway I was more into Jaws! The second Godfather is complete and utter mess of a film! Jaws is more coherent and engaging!


If Jaws was in competition with the first Godfather film it would lose but Godfather 2 is inferior to Jaws.

Jaws was rather sensational outstanding a better written story rather than Godfather II.

Jaws Sucks!

I know this is not a popular view but both suck and overrated. I would probably go with Jaws just cause shark is better than overrated mafia shit.


Jaws rules here but The Godfather 1 is still the flawless front runner.

Jaws is certainly far better than the most unpleasant overrated Godfather Part II which is no consider of best to compare of that to any film.

I really need to watch Jaws again...how does a shark swimming around and killing people compare to the story of two mob bosses played by two of the greatest actors of all time?

Why is this being asked? Jaws is a phenomenal movie, but The Godfather is on another tier


Jaws was a phenomenal film and The Godfather was on another tier but Godfather 2 is inferior to Jaws.

Jaws is perfect, but The Godfather Part II is far more powerful.