Jaws vs. Jurassic Park



interesting little battle here

Struggling here.

This is a choice? I just watched Jaws yesterday for the 100th time and I will be damned if it I didn't enjoy the hell out of it. Jurassic Park makes me angry. So horrifically horrendous waste of film, money and time. Hate that movie. Would love to have a way to make it the last movie on my list.

Dinosaurs vs. a shark. Jurassic Park wins, because it's more interesting, and has more story.

Oooh, very very tough one! I have to give it to Jurassic Park. They're both tense as hell, but Jurassic Park is a little itty bit more fun. Hooray!

Both thrilling movies. But Jaws delivers the real horror and more iconic characters plus an awesome minimalistic soundtrack ......Great White Shark: most terrifying animal on the planet.

Spielberg is the master of the 'creature feature' and Jaws is the best of the best.

These are both fantastic film! Both of which have brought something new to the table in film making. Jaws was amazing with it's ability to not show much of the shark until it is near the end of the film and when you do see it you are surprised. Jurassic Park was an amazing film also because it was able to show dinosaurs in a new way. Being that they are both Steven's movies it is hard to pick between the two. However, if I had to choose I would pick Jurassic Park. The reason for this is I love the cast they have in it. Jeff Goldblum is so funny with the way he talks in the movie. Also I like the end with the raptors.

While I can't agree that JAWS is the "best creature-feature ever" (I spin my copy of ALIEN when I need that particular fix), it is an exceptional adventure film. Lots of energy, laughs, scares -- JURASSIC PARK is just a little too tame for my tastes, and it's really just a two-hour ad for CG effects... George Lucas even directed a lot of the special effects sequences while Spielberg was working on SCHINDLER'S LIST. My favorite is unquestionably JAWS.


"We have now sunk to a depth at which restatement of the obvious is the first duty of intelligent men." - George Orwell

Personally, these are my two favorite Spielberg films. Thrilling and suspenseful could describe both of these, and the use of the shark in "Jaws" and the use of the dinosaurs in "Jurassic Park" are great effects. Both memorable films, but I have to side with "Jurassic Park".

While Jeff Goldblum is reason enough to love JP, besides it being a great movie... Jaws is the film of the two that sticks with you. You don't go outside and think about dinosaurs attacking you. But everyone's found themselves in the ocean before with those two double bass notes echoing in their ears while making a quick 360 glance.


Jurassic Park for me. I could watch it over and over again.

Maybe it'd be different if I'd been exposed to Jaws in a theater, or at a younger age, but damn, I was the perfect age when I saw Jurassic Park in the cinema. Scared the crap out of me and made me smile at the same time; I still smile when I watch it. I love that movie.


Jaws was a mild disappointment for me. If asked to name a reason for that disappointment, I'd be quick to say it was Jurassic Park. It was because of it that I went into Jaws with such high expectations. I rather enjoyed Jurassic Park and it didn't seem at all unrealistic to me to expect more of the same from Jaws. However, though I cannot deny I enjoyed it as well, it fell short of achieving the greatness I expected, that everyone says it achieves. So I feel my choice is rather obvious here.

*beep* Don't make me choose Flickchart.

Jurassic Park is my pick. Why? Because my mind was blown away by this movie when I watched it as a child...

Grrr, 2 of the greatest monster movies. Shark vs. T Rex. I'm going for Jaws, because it's more rea;istic (I know, dinosaurs, ok!), and Jurassic has a few too many goofy bits in it. I want a thriller to grab me and not let go until the end. No need for humor to lighten things up.


The fish wins here.

I don't even know why it's even a debate. JAWS is clearly the better film. There are a few editing errors in JURASSIC PARK during the most simplest of scenes. The characters are more realized, the scripts is smarter, and because there is no CGI in JAWS, it makes it less dated. Looking at the CG in JURASSIC PARK shows it's age. Practical was so much better! JAWS is without a doubt one of the finest motion pictures ever made, and I can't believe it's even a question. Wow! Movie buffs nowadays really disappoint me.

Bah, going with the dinosaurs here. Blew me away when i watched it as a kid in cinema.

@lobot: I'm of the opinion that Jurassic Park holds up really well, effects-wise. The CGI still looks pretty damn good, I think, and all the animatronic dinosaurs look a helluva lot better than that animatronic shark. God bless Bruce, but he really was an ugly mother.

Creature features done right! Jaws and the mechanical fish that didn't work still tops even Oscar FX level work. Go figure.

I really did love Jurassic Park when it came out, but to me, Spielberg is best when he's fully free of his child-centric tendancies. Maybe it's just because I enjoyed Roy Scheider's and Robert Shaw's performances far more than any of the actors in Jurassic Park. Ultimately, JP was a lot of fun, kind of like a great theme park ride, but Jaws was genuinely scary throughout, and brilliantly executed.

Maybe it's because I saw Jurassic Park when it first came out and I was younger, whereas I only recently saw Jaws, but Jurrasic Park is the clear winner for me.

I have always loved both sharks and Dinosaurs. But when it came to the movies Jurassic Park and Jaws I would have to pick Jaws. Jaws was a classic and revolutionary to horror movies. Taking a normal animal like a shark and making it a killer was the perfect story to capture everyone's attention. To this day I am still a little cautious when I got to the beach.

Jaws didnt get good until the last 25 minutes where Jurassic Park was good the whole way through


for me Jurassic Park i haven't seen jaws yet but i really want to but even after i do jurassic park will still be the best for me jurassic park is like my 3d fav movie Besides the RMS Titanic Dinosaurs is my other favorite interest and thing to learn about

I LOVE both of these so much. But if not for Jaws, there might not be Jurassic Park, so... ugh. Hard pic, but Jaws.

Jaws wins this one

"Jaws" would get the win if only it had more dinosaurs.

Are you shitting me? This getting tough.

JP is much better.

Gotta give it to the one and only Jurassic Park

Two of my all-time favorites. I could count the number of movies I'd take over Jaws on one hand. Jurassic Park happens to be one of them. As a kid, I watched Jurassic Park practically on repeat, so I'll go with that.

Jurassic Park is a better childhood.

Jaws. It has more fully realized characters, a tighter script, and a scarier concept and execution. That being said, Jurassic Park is a highly entertaining thrill ride of a movie that more than delivers what it promises. Both can count themselves among Steven Spielberg's best.

My two favourite Spielberg films of all time hands down. Still, I actually find this a much easier choice than a lot of people on this board seem to; despite the fact that both films are in my top 10, and despite the fact that I saw them around about the same time as each other, as a young kid between 6-8 years old, I'm going to side with Jaws. A few pointers for comparison: Script/characters: Both are based on best selling novels released two or three years prior to the release of the film; Jaws by Peter Benchley and Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton. I think it worth pointing out that I am not much of a fiction reader, but these are two books that I HAVE read cover to cover and enjoyed very much (one more so than the other). I watched the films when I was younger, and I remember having a lot of blank patches in Jurassic Park, particular in the first act. The dialogue was heavily bogged down with scientific jargon and most of the characters were either boring or annoying (I'm looking at those bloody KIDS!!!). The average 6-8 year old will not understand most of the dialogue (although it is significantly toned down from the book), and with the exception of the beautifully executed and truly memorable Brachiosaurus scene, there were a lot of times were I kept thinking "I don't care about any of this, where are the DINOSAURS!!!!!?" Jaws on the other hand was a lot more direct and to the point, with interesting characters which you cared about, and some truly memorable quotes, in particular Robert Shaw’s Indianapolis monologue, which while it didn’t mean much to me as a kid, is probably one of my favourite monologues in cinematic history. The atmosphere is extraordinary in that scene. The script is also a lot more unforgiving in Jaws; in Jurassic Park, it’s fairly obvious who is going to get eaten, but in Jaws you really don’t know who is going to die. No demographic is spared; men, a woman, a dog, even a KID was killed on camera; that’s rare (incidentally this scene, along with many of the other gruesome death scenes in Jaws are among the most jarring to have ever gotten away with a PG certificate in the UK with the possible exception of the Indiana Jones). I’ll admit now that I’m in my later years the dialogue in Jurassic Park is easier to listen to, and I find the science more interesting (although as I said it’s much more developed in the book, and for a good reason), but Jaws is still much more engaging. Point to Jaws (although if we were comparing books, Jurassic Park would win hands down easily; Jaws the novel has one of the WORST anticlimaxes ever). Acting: So admittedly the acting is not what these films are necessarily about, really it’s about the creatures in them, but as with the script and characters, I think that the cast of Jaws did a much better job overall, especially the three leads Roy Scheider, Richard Dreyfuss and Robert Shaw. I do find Jeff Goldblum entertaining in Jurassic Park, as well as the underused Bob Peck and Richard Attenborough, but as I said, most of the other performances are either bland, annoying, or are simply there for Dinosaur chow. Point to Jaws. Effects: This one is fairly obvious, and while they are beginning to show their age, there is no doubt that Jurassic Park is still one of the most groundbreaking films in terms of both visual and sound effects development, and the dinosaurs still look fantastic to this day. And yes I know everybody says “the shark looks like plastic” but I feel I should defend Jaws a little. Compared to other shark films, I’d still say the animatronic shark in the original jaws is still the best looking. Yes it broke down all the time and yes can tell at times that it is an animatronic, but the filmmakers realised this and realised that less is more. You rarely see the shark, and that actually made for a more terrifying experience (see below), not to mention the use of some stock footage of a real Great White from legendary underwater filmmakers Ron and Valerie Taylor which is put to brilliant use in the climax with the cage fight. And I still think that the shark is better looking than most of the CGI crap that we see now days. It may look fake at times, but the CGI in films like “Deep Blue Sea” looks REALLY god awful. Still, like I said, and easy choice. Point to Jurassic Park. Soundtrack: Both from the same composer, the legendary John Williams, but both very different scores. Jurassic Park goes for the more majestic, sweeping score in order to convey the enormity and grandeur of both the animals and the adventure and is probably one of Williams’ most underrated. The scene with the Brachiosaurus, as I mentioned before, is still one of the most magical memories I have of films while I was growing up. Plus there were some pretty tense moments in the film conveyed well by the music, especially with the Velociraptors prowling around. But for iconicity and sheer terror, Jaws is still unbeaten in my books. One of the most simple leit motifs in history, and still one of the most effective (I am excluding Psycho since I have not seen it, although I am aware while Jaws owes a lot to Psycho, not just in soundtrack but in editing and filming as well). Although it is like comparing apples and oranges, I’m going to go with Jaws here simply because it does a slightly better job of conveying emotion, probably because the emotion is one of the most primeval; fear. Overall experience: Not really a comparison because they do differ rather in what they set out to do. Jurassic Park was intended to be a high-octane Sci-Fi adventure with undertones of man vs. nature, while Jaws was intended to be a thriller adventure with some elements of horror. I’ll admit there were elements in horror in Jurassic Park as well, but much of the time they were either underplayed or put in for laughs (the scene with the lawyer is still one of the best moments in cinematic history where you actually cheer on the monster!). I know I have been a bit harsh on Jurassic Park and you’re probably wondering why I keep it in my top 10, but not only is it a nostalgic pleasure trip which I grew up with, but also an extremely entertaining movie overall. But as I said before, Jaws is technically a much better film, and I’d put Jaws on before Jurassic Park any day. Both are still brilliant though, both at the top of their class and both two of Spielberg’s finest.

Sorry, that was very long, I thought the paragraphs would show up. But hopefully there will be something of interest in there.

I can't compete with smatticus. So I'll simply say....Jaws.

Jurassic Park.

As much as I love Jaws, Jurassic Park was one of the few truly great theatre experiences of my life.

Jurassic Park, though it is a tough one, both great movies

Jaws, and it's not even close

Jaws wins ive never really ben a fan of Jurrasic Park...

Jaws. Neither of these is close being my favorite Spielberg movie, but Jaws is enjoyable and Jurassic Park is merely okay.


Jaws is less Spielbergish. In other words, it's a movie adults can enjoy, not just children (and adults who saw it as children).

Here is an example of two movies I love, but one I love exponentially more than the other. That movie is Jaws. It's got something that Jurassic Park doesn't have and it's the intimacy of its characters. The shark is as much a star as the tyrannosaurus rex and other denizens of Isla Nublar, but the humans share top billing too. That's not to say that JP's actors were given underdeveloped characters, but they lack the punch that Brody, Quint and Hooper possessed. I believe that part of it is because they're stage is a vast island whereas the principals in Jaws are confined to a small boat. But it also has to do with the fact that the dialogue lacks Jaws's subtle greatness. There is never a monologue in Jurassic Park as riveting or chilling as Quint's speech about the Indianapolis and we never get a sense of who Grant was in his real life before he left for Jurassic Park except that he hates children and may or may not want to date Ellie Sattler. The only character that crackles is Ian Malcolm whose one liners and rants are as entertaining as Richard Dreyfuss's character in Jaws. But now I feel I've been cruel to Jurassic Park. I think it achieves a greatness of its own. I like to think of it as the link between Jaws and Raiders of the Lost Arc. It's action scenes have the flow and breathlessness of Raiders, but they're all tinged with the dread and fear of Jaws. In the end, I will always think of them as two of the greatest blockbusters of all time and I would never discourage anyone from seeing one over the other.

This is one of the hardest matchups of all time. Both are similar in some way, but I think I'll go with Jaws, the better made film.

both are great but the effects are so amazing in Jurassic Park it makes it more engaging then jaws.

I'm switching over to Jaws. Who am I to challenge my childhood. Pretty close contest though.

I'm surprised there's even a contest here. Jaws is an absolute classic in this type of film, its the godfather of this type of horror.

Another movie I can watch anyday of the week .


It depends you prefer Sharks or dinosaurs ? I prefer sharks and jaws

Jurassic Park is one of my favorite films, sorry Jaws.

This is a joke. I never really liked JP to be honest, Jaws is the much better film.

Jurassic Park EATS Jaws! Why? Despite the first half of Jaws being great interesting build-up, the last half is completely boring and very un-frightening (that's coming from someone who is afraid to swim) Jurassic Park has greater characters, better visuals, far better story, far more intense moments, better script and Speilberg himself directed this better than he did with Jaws! Jaws, unlike most, I do not enjoy much

My favorite of Spielberg vs one of his most overrated or worst, I think I will go with the one with the better characters, more interesting story, better soundtrack, and better movie overall. Of course I am talking about JAWS!

Two brilliant steven spielberg films but jurassic park wins

Love both, but Jaws is amazing!

Both are great movies, but Jaws is still a million times better. It's scarier, more intense, the soundtrack, but most of all, the ACTING. Especially Robert Shaw.


no loser here... but I must say Jurassic park is one of the movies that make me love movies when I was a child!

Jaws is much better. Aside from the initial T-Rex scene, Jurassic park mostly gets on my nerves. Jaws feels more mature, even though it's the earlier film, and is scarier overall. I think it helps that Jaws is not designed as a family-friendly spectacle. It plays like a real horror flick while maintaining a breezy sense of humor.

Jaws was a tighter, stronger film; almost perfect structurally. Spielberg's obviously made other fine films, but he hasn't made anything as good as Jaws since. Not to mention the fact that that girl character in Jurassic Park was horribly annoying.

Jaws is the better movie. I'll take a movie about sharks over a movie about dinosaurs any day.

I think Jaws is the better movie, but JP I like a bit more.

I think Jaws is the better movie, but JP I like a bit more.

The definitive shark movie vs the definitive dinosaur movie from Steven Spielberg. Both movies had some less than stellar sequels that followed, but the reason there were sequels in the 1st place was because of how incredible the originals were. Jurassic Park is remarkable, but for overall production, storytelling and acting, Jaws is the clear winner here. More fear, more intrigue, and more thrills.

I just watched Jaws for the first time and to my surprise I loved it! That being said Jurassic Park has been with me my entire life and was my absolute favorite when I was little. JP for the win.

Two of my enduring favorites from Spielberg, but Jurassic Park is king here.

Jaws by a long shot. It's #1 on my list. JP is #6

JP by a long shot

Jurassic Park is the better movie of the two! You can't beat dinosaurs!

After seeing Jaws for a second time last month, this matchup is now pretty easy. Going with Brody, Hooper, and Quint.

Jaws definetily

Jaws easily

Jaws eats Jurassic Park

Jaws eats that Dinosaur I agree

I think Jaws is the clear winner...

Jurassic Park is good.Jaws is great.

You're going to need a bigger boat is a classic quote from Jaws :P If i was going to compare these fantastic films i would go for Jurassic Park for the win, because between them both i think it's got the best picture, thats just my opinion. :P

JP is great fun with a scary story and well done creatures and effects but Jaws is way scarier the score is slightly better the characters are better while there are mistakes made by Spielberg in both but Jaws is just the better film.

I'm going with Jurassic Park

a tough one .....jurassic park it is

Definetily Jaws

Jurassic Park is million times better.

Jurassic Park is quite a bit better. Jaws is really good too, but Jurassic Park does everything that Jaws does, and does it better.

Fairly clear, Jaws wins, arguably having the best trio of characters of all time!

Fairly clear, Jaws wins, arguably having the best trio of characters of all time!

Fairly clear, Jaws wins, arguably having the best trio of characters of all time!

Come on, wrong side all three times!

I'll go with JP.

Jurassic Park is much better, but Jaws still hugely better than Reydars of tha Lusty Arkkie.

Jaws, my whole family loves it and it reminds me of my grandfather.

Jaws is amazing as well; watched it today and it automatically comes up to #2 on my list, just behind...Jurassic Park! Though Jaws was fabulously freakin' great, it don't had the revolutionary effects, the mind blown, and awesomeness that Jurassic Park had since I've watched it 6 years old.

Best Dinosaur Movie > Best Shark Movie

I've meet Jurassic Park 8 years from now. I really don't get all the hype over it, though it's now my number #1, I don't even liked it at the first time. I've watched Jaws 2 weeks from now. And, after that, more four times. It's now my #2, though I've seen it 5 times in a month, and look, I'm not a re-watcher. No offense to Jurassic Park indeed, but Jaws was always amazing. For a 40 years old movie, it still very fresh. Next re-watch, Jaws gotta be my #1, I'm guessing.

Fantastic face/off! I'm taking Jurassic Park but both are 5/5.

JURASSIC PARK. The T-Rex was cooler than the shark, Jeff Goldblum is 100x better than any character in JAWS, and JURASSIC PARK wasn't boring like JAWS. I do have a higher respect for JAWS, though.

My two favorite Spielberg films! When it comes to bringing an adventure to life there is no better director. He was inspired to become a filmmaker from watching Lawrence of Arabia, and in his movies you can really see the influences from it. He took the sense of awe and wonder and beauty from David Lean's masterpiece and made movie magic. Long story short, Jurassic Park is my favorite film of all time and has been since childhood.

Spielberg had to have made a deal with the devil when he made Jurassic Park, because I can't wrap my brain around how else he and [mostly] his production team created nothing less than real living dinosaurs in 1993 and nobody else has since then (In fact, if anything, special-effects animals have gotten WORSE since then). Not only is 'Jurassic Park' amazing- literally 'amazing'- it's also perfect, in terms of how to tell a good story that involves real live dinosaurs and having these non-cliched, actually interesting characters being trapped on an island with these prehistoric monsters. 'Jaws' never really did anything for me. I'm sorry. The shark that everyone loves to joke about how fake it looks actually looks realer than any of our CGI sharks we have nowadays, and the story is refreshingly classic and original, but especially in comparison with 'Jurassic', one of these is too good to be true and the other is the best of a long line of hilariously bad sequels.

Flickchart sucks! This is hands down the toughest decision I've ever had to make on Flickachart. I seriously cannot choose. If I was locked in a cell and I was forced to choose, I would pick Jaws just because of the summer blockbuster trademark it has established, but this is seriously like choosing between my two children

Love Jurassic Park because of the characters and sense of wonder. Jaws is the better film because the characters are better written and it features Hitchcock-like suspense!

Jaws is Steven Spielberg's best movie till date

Jaws is an awesome movie but Jurassic Park is just more fun.

Both are good creature killing flicks,but Jurassic Park is stunning for me.

Gotta give this one to Bruce.

Jurassic park

Really tough choice. I'll go with Jaws cuz I rewatched it more recently. This ccould easily change once I rewatch JP.

When I first watched both movies I liked jurassic park more but after i rewatched both movies 3 or 4 times more then i got jaws a better one

Jurassic Park is way better.

I watched both one after another and I have to say from a mature perspective, Jaws is way more thrilling and gravitating.

Two beloved personal favorites of mine, but Jaws wins by a narrow margin because it's slightly more "focused"

Jurassic Park honestly. Resonated with me more

Honestly never thought of them as more than fun and fine movies, Jaws wins.

Spielbergs 2 best. Jaws wins.

Jaws has the benefit of realism which can help sometimes. Also the bond between the three male leads is more interesting than the three adult leads in Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park