Jaws vs. King Kong



JAWS set a standard for popcorn films that has never been broken. Sorry Kong.

I would vote Kong here, but it does have one big flaw that holds it back: It is too dang long. I thoroughly enjoy every scene in it, but a lot of things should have been cut out, particularly some of the myriad monster attacks on Skull Island. (Personally, I'd start with the dinosaur stampede; too Jurassic Park.) Meanwhile, Jaws does what it does efficiently, and very well. I want to prefer Peter Jackson and the big ape, but I can't.


King Kong is sooo long, but I would be lying if I say I complained about that when I watched it for the first time.

King Kong set a new standard for monsters.

This would be closer if it was the original King Kong from 1933; but even then, I'd choose Jaws.

Jaws is a classic. Kong is Peter Jackson fanboying and self-indulging.

Kong is good but Jaws is a masterpiece.

King Kong and Jaws are both great movies that take normal animals and make them into terrifying monsters. King Kong was a good movie but a long one and it did not keep my attention. But Jaws was so good that to this day I am still a little cautious about going into the water.

Jaws in a heartbeat.

Jaws is the clear winner for me.

Going to Jaws on this one. While the shark may have looked fake, the movie is so quotable and ranks high on re-watchability.