Predator vs. Jaws



Great googalie moogalie!

Two horror/sci-fi classics. Jaws HAS to win, though.

this is an impossible decision!

Predator : # 05 on my list Jaws : # 09 on my list

Predator for sure.

Jaws for sure.

Predator wins for me

Two films about a monster/predator who kills lots of people. Predator gets my pick.

Another trophy for Predator...

Predator wins, and it is not really that close.

I'll take Jaws, but it is pretty close.

Predator even Jaws is a better film

Jaws is better but I love Predator way more

Predator wins, Jaws gets overbeaten.

I think Predator will win this matchup.

How is Jaws not winning this matchup?

very hard choice but now I choose Predator.

So one sided not worth mentioning, but since it has no representation. Jaws>Predator

I like both but Jaws for me.

Now it is, Nils.

Jaws easy.