Jaws vs. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly



This gives pause... But Clint would have shot the shark on Roy's first try, so...

Clint Eastwood rocks over a fake shark any day. Although needing a bigger boat is a great line.

Yea, TGTBTU wins!

Jaws for me. Fake as the shark may be, it looks and feels real in the film. And the characters are more human/the story more exciting. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly has a better score though. Morricone rules.

I love both of the themes songs, but I love The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly a whole lot more than Jaws.


After watching both of these in the theater, this becomes a much harder battle. These films hold a tense, almost hypnotic, grip on their audiences, and both go out on the biggest possible bangs. I don't know if I can choose on any sort of intellectual basis, so I'll say that Eli Wallach's "You're a real son of a--" beats Roy Scneider's "Smile, you son of a--" By the smallest of margins. (Perhaps the key to making a great film is sticking "Son of a--" into the ending?)

I prefer Jaws, but I love both

I'll go Jaws also....but this is such a tough one...

This battle is a real son of a - ! Going with Jaws though so the rest of you can smile you son of a - !

Jaws was fantastic, but The Ugly, the Bad and the Good is a top 10 film for me.

Two of the most memorable scores in all of film!Good Bad Ugly wins though.

GBU wins, but Jaws was awesome as well.

GBU wins, but Jaws was awesome as well.

This is basically a double edged sword....but if my life depended on it I gotta go with Blondie!

BGU smashes Jaws

Both top five material. I'll pick the greatest western of all time over the greatest adventure of all time.

I love ‘‘em both. Jaws FTW

The best Western wins here, Love Jaws too