Jaws vs. Close Encounters of the Third Kind



Vintage Spielberg here. The terror of "Jaws" or the mystery of "Close Encounters?" I'm going with "Jaws." Dreyfuss was great in both, but Roy Scheider and Robert Shaw put it over the top here. (Though Teri Garr was smokin' hot in "Close Encounters!")

You don't get much better on "movie pairings". <3 Richard Dreyfuss -went with Jaws though-

Early Spielberg classics. I have to pick Jaws though.

I love the third act of Close Encounters of the Third Kind, but everything that precedes it is just okay to me. Overall, Jaws is just a bit better.

Jaws wins this Spielberg fest!

Jaws but i do enjoy both.


A classic battle of the Spielberg epics. Love both, but Close Encounters is a bit closer to my heart.

Jaws is the best thing Spielberg ever put his hands to.

Not a big fan of either, but Jaws is a lot more focused and a lot more entertaining.

I only got into Close Encounters during the final act. Jaws is a near perfect film that blends together blockbuster excitement and great storytelling! It never has a dull moment. Close Encounters has about 75-80 minutes worth of dull moments!