Jaws vs. Juno



Tee-hee - two four-letter movie titles beginning with J. I'm going with the sharkie.

I choose killer shark over weak snark any day.

I am actually, seriously tempted to vote Juno here. Not going to, but seriously tempted.

I dont know Jaws didn't do anything for me, but then again the only time I ever watched it was right after I came back from getting my wisdom teeth pulled. Maybe I should watch it again. Still I think I'll give Jaws the benefit of the doubt.

I wish Bruce would eat Michael Cera and stop him from making movies, lol jks. But seriously, Jaws is a much better film.

*acting in movies.

Juno reminds me of self-consciously twee 20-something idiots who intentionally type in lowercase letters all the time in order to try to seem apathetic.