Jaws vs. Finding Nemo



Hm. Something fishy here.... As good as Jaws is, this one goes to Nemo all the way.

I love Nemo but nothing beats Jaws when it comes to sea-based adventures.

I always appreciated that they named the shark Bruce in "Nemo" after the on-set name for the shark in "Jaws." I'm more likely to re-watch "Nemo," but I'm less likley to get burned out on "Jaws." Tough choice.

how's this for a double?

The one with the vegetarian shark.


Nemo is cute but Jaws is the film you can't forget....... especially when swimming at the beach.


Nemo wins this one, and it mostly has to do with the fact I haven't seen Jaws in a very long time.

Finding Nemo is a great animated film but come on, its Jaws.

@ear: Jaws is, indeed, a very memorable film, but I find Nemo to be the more unforgettable. (And not just because I've seen it more times.) On an emotional level, it really strikes a chord with me.

Only one of these has proper sharkbait in it... and that is the winner for me... but it's by a 'fin' margin.

The mechanical shark in JAWS was named Bruce after Steven Spielberg's lawyer... they named the shark in Finding nemo Bruce as a homage... JAWS is better!

"just keep swimming just keep swimming what do we do we swiimmm lalaala" love

Made me laugh. Kind of found it a challenging choice, but I went with Jaws.

This is actually a good one. They're both thrilling in their own way, and I fucking love them tremendously, but I'm gonna have to choose Jaws. In writing it looks like it didn't take me that long to choose, but trust me, it did. It was tough.



OMIGOSH they are both movies about FISH!

Maybe the two greatest movies about fish in the history of cinema

no doubt jaws all the ay

Finding Nemo...but damn, but this one of the hardest matchups yet.

Ill pick Nemo Jaws is good but Nemo is great.

Jaws.....TOO EASY

Seeing the two sharks on the covers of both movies, makes them look freakishly relatable.

Oooooh tough one. Going to have to go with Jaws.

This is extremely close, but Finding Nemo is a part of my childhood.

This is pretty hard but I like seeing what goes on under the sea rather than above it (most of the time). Finding Nemo is my choice.

I'm gonna say Finding Nemo. 32 vs 63

Jaws. Period

Jaws is better than every cartoon in existence. https://a.disquscdn.com/uploads/mediaembed/images/2301/721/original.gif

I ?? Jaws!!!

Finding Nemo!!!

Jaws, no contest!