Jaws vs. Planet of the Apes



OMG!!! What to do??? :-(

The last few minutes of Planet of the Apes put it over the top here. YOU MANIACS!

I want a Planet of the Sharks, damn it.

This is unbelievably hard to pick! I will go with Planet of the Apes today. It may change tomorrow.

Jaws was definitely better.

Wow now match-up,jaws for the victory

No ape can beat Jaws.

@Mystic If we go by the informal, figurative definition of a shark, which is a person who unscrupulously exploits or swindles others, we're all living on Planet of the Sharks right now!

Easy, easy win for Jaws...

Never thought I'd ever have to pick between these two. Tough, but Jaws is just a tighter, better made film imo. I love both, especially the originality and creativity in POTA.