The Amazing Spider-Man 2 vs. The Amazing Spider-Man



Well I would think about of the squeal could be indead of good, but the first was kind of toragist

It certainly was "toragist".

Amazing Spiderman 2!! It was Awesome!

The Amazing Spider-Man has the slight edge over the sequel... both were immensely enjoyable.

Amazing spider-man 2 is the worst spider-man film. a ridiculous mess, of characters and plot lines that have little to no connective tissue, the green goblins acting was hilarious in all the wrong ways Electro made Jim Carry's Riddler seem restrained. and reasonable. the parent subplot is ridiculous and takes away one of peter's main attributes (every man who stumbled into his powers), was apathetic with the first one, but it wins hands down.

As a big Spider-Man fan I love both movies. It's tough to say but I'd maybe give the edge to Amazing Spider-Man 2.

TAS2 was not a good film. It was beautiful and impressive, but it wasn't good. Why even include Rhino? Complete throwaway of a character. The film never even ended. The extra use of music or rap or whatever it was during the Electro scenes was weirdly contrived and added nothing to the character or his scenes. Just a huge amount of cheese. I loved TAS1, but the sequel wasn't particularly enjoyable. A shame really.

While the sequel was messy.....the characters were much stronger (minus the villains) and I had a real emotional attachment to Gwen and Peter. The second one wins.

TASM 2 was a mess of epic proportions. Kind of hard to believe that something could go that far off the rails. Thank goodness for a cast that gave it their all. Garfield, Stone, DeHaan, and Foxx saved the movie from being unbearable. On the flip side, I loved the first movie, and it's my favorite of all the Spidey films.

God, the sequel was a mess. Such a mess. You can see a good movie in there - take this out, more of that, tweak this character - but it never comes together. Peter's too confident, a Harry/Peter arc deserves its own movie, Electro was...whatever the fuck he was. It feels too long, and yet none of the film's threads get the attention needed to make any of what's happening really matter. I'm a huge Garfield fan and I can appreciate what Webb's trying to do (a modern, pop-flavored Spider-Man series - I can most definitely appreciate that), there was just too much this time around. And I'm not such a geek that I expect these characters to be precisely as they are on the page, but they gotta be more recognizable than this.

The second film is indeed a mess, but still pretty good overall if you ask me. The first one is much better though. These are easily the two best Spidey films so far in my opinion.

the first was pretty good I thought but I thought this was much better a lot more going on in it better characters both have flaws though but over all I prefer the second

Maybe I was a little hard on it. I didn't like Electro at all, but I did like the other performances, even if the characters weren't quite right. It had its moments and hopefully all of the set-up pays off with a sequel where they can take their time. I've seen some people compare it to Batman & Robin. I think that's harsh. I think it's more in line with Spider-Man 3, a movie everyone hated that I liked, but didn't love. I'd probably take it over Amazing Spidey 2. Amazing Spider-Man 2:Me::Arnold:Lila. I like you, but I don't like you-like you.

What's with the Edward Nigma-like villains lately? First Guy Pearce in Iron Man 3 and now Jamie Foxx in AS2.

Oh Sam Raimi how I miss you. These Marc Webb films have been sad, both for different reasons. The Amazing Spider-Man 1 is a soulless studio movie that was utterly idiotic and so tonally uneven that my emotions turned into a big FU at the screen. Everyone was miscast, save Garfield and Stone. Unfortunately, they completely miswrote Peter in the Amazing Spider-Man 1. Then comes the sequel. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 features the most accurate portrayal of Spider-Man in costume to date. It's got his wise-cracks, his energy, and the action scenes are a lot of fun. Unfortunately, Webb is completely incompetent as a director. This movie is even more of a tonal mess than the first Amazing Spider-Man and has no actual plot. Seriously, this film has no overarching plot or drive to th story. It's just a bunch of scenes that happen. Jamie Foxx was miscast as Electro, plus Electro is a complete joke in this movie. Paul Giamatti looks like he is trying to see how much he can get away with. And Sally Field becomes a nurse... for some reason. I give the slight edge to the Amazing Spider-Man 2. While it's a mess of a movie, the light that shines when Spider-Man is in action actually gave me enjoyment. Amazing Spider-Man 1 may be slightly more coherent but it is completely soulless as a movie. And I feel that Garfield and Stone have much more chemistry in the second film than the first.

Both destroyed my inner geek and passion for the character, but number 2 was solid in more ways.

The second one makes the first look great in comparison...which it isn't at all.

I have to say that TASM2 has a very, very slight edge over the first in that the actors were more comfortable with their characters.

The first one...

Part 1 was better

2 gets the edge for expanding on everything that made 1 great

the first Garfield one was very good the 2nd was just ok.

It's amazing how much people likes these two films. Amazing Spider-Man is a dull, incoherent copy of the first Rahmi film without any character motivation/development and it's edited like a music video from the late 90s/early 2000s. Amazing Spider-Man 2 is just bad on any level.

The first act of Amazing Spider-Man 2 is absolutely atrocious. Both of these movies are worse than the originals.

Amazing spiderman is alright, amazing spiderman 2 is trash

Second film did do some things better than the first, mostly in regards to the action and the Spider-Man costume, but the first film had a much less messy plot, a less worse villain, and was just a bit more better executed overall