The Amazing Spider-Man 2 vs. Guardians of the Galaxy



I know it will be by far the unpopular opinion but I liked The Amazing Spider-Man 2 more.

Guardians of the Galaxy destroys The Amazing Spider-Man 2. What a complete and stinking mess that was.

Mauling by Guardians...

Guardians, easily.

I really liked alot of individual scenes from ASM2, but overall it was kind of a mess. Though I didn't like Guardians as much as many others seem to, it easily wins.

Hahahaha...... obviously 'guardians of the galaxy'

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is sufficiently entertaining, but it's still barely worth watching (especially since it's such a freakin' long movie.) Guardians of the Galaxy wins easily...

ASM2 is pure crap. Honestly, one of the worst genre films all-time.

I enjoy TASM 2 more than most, but I do recognize its flaws. However, I love Guardians, and I find it nearly impossible to spot any flaws in it. I'll give Guardians the win.

Guardians is way better

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is so bad

TASM2 is one step away from garbage level,

amazing spiderman 2 is garbage, guardians of the galaxy is amazing

The two worst comic book movies of 2014. Winter Soldier and X-Men were so much better.