Home Alone 2: Lost in New York vs. Home Alone



This made me lol. Love both movies, but the first one is better.

Oh, wow. I love them both. I'd say that, overall, the two films are pretty evenly matched,so I'll go with Lost in New York because I think it has the better Kevin-gettting-the-best-of-the-Wet-Bandits sequence at the end.


Both are great and equal in my mind, but I'll pick the first just cuz of that -- it's the first.

Both of these movies bring back nice memories for me, I think I'll pick the first one but it's close.


The Original is the only one I could set through again.

Wet or Sticky?!? Wet Bandits win it just. 'Have a nice time, bring me back something French'.

Recently revisited both films for a critical review. The original holds up SO much better, and is far less cruel.

The scene between Catherine O'hara and John Candy from Hole Alone 1, is better than everything in Home Alone 2.

These two are virtually identical films, but one scene sets "Home Alone 2" apart: that electricity stunt in the basement after Marv is covered in paint makes me cry every single time. The skeleton/scream bit sends me overboard, hahaha.

Although they are both mainly comedies, Lost In New York had a bit more purpose and feeling to it. The people he met, such as the Toy Store clerk and the pidgeon lady, brought more to the film and makes it better than the first.

second one is funnier and more violent

home with friends is better you lonely cunts

They sit right together on my list, with Home Alone on top. I enjoy both greatly.

Lost in New York is one of the worst in theater experiences in my life. Original all the way...

They are both great but the second one feels repetitive as it's basically the exact same plot as the first film in just a different and larger setting. The first film is certainly better.

I'm with Shane. I love the first two films. Number 4 was awful, number 3 was passable for me but then again, these first three films are ones I've seen countlessly during my primary school years. The original gets the nod, love both however


The first one

Home Alone 1 for sure

The sequel is nearly identical to the original...except it's worse. Home Alone all the way...

Wow I love both.Really love both.Both these movies have huge chunk of nostalgia going for it.But the orignal has the edge here

the original home alone is better, although i do like the sequel.

The sequel is fine, but this is really no contest.

i vote for Home Alone 2 Lost in New York


Home Alone is funny, creative but also has heart. What works is how tight the narrative is and, despite the comical tone, how real it is. A boy left home alone having to defend for himself and experiencing life without his family and the situations were realistic. Home Alone 2 is very average. It tries to make the scale bigger and therefore loses its focus. Yet, it’s structually the same and repeats the same messages. The worst part about it is the climax. In the original, Kevin was like “you’re coming into my home and I’m going to defend it” which gave him somewhat of a moral highground and felt more real. The climax in the sequel is more like “I’m going to lead you to a random location and try to murder you”. It’s more abusive, less funny and makes me root against Kevin. Lost In New York has some funny moments and great casting but a lot... doesn’t really work.

I will go with Home Alone 2 because I watched the 2nd one first when I was a kid and I just felt like it had some truly hilarious moments that tops the first one. (Like when Marv gets electrocuted and when they are hiding out in the doll houses and keep freezing still as people pass by). Love them both though.

Definitely the first movie, the 2nd one just feels like a copy of the first movie.

I love them both. A lot. But Lost In New York I love just a bit more. I vote for Home Alone 2 just because I could probably watch this very often and never get board however I couldn't watch the 1st one that often.

I love both films. Personally, I love the first one more but they both make for a perfect double feature

I am going against the grain, the first one was decent but the second one in New York was even better