The 400 Blows vs. Breathless



These two films helped kick off the French New Wave...for better or worse. Simply put, Breathless is pointless. The film's protagonist may very well be the most unlikable in cinema history and the conversations held between the young lovers are excruciatingly tedious. The 400 Blows isn't good for many thrills, but it's a watchable movie and is an easy winner here.

The 400 Blows is far better

Wasn't nuts about The 400 Blows, but I love Breathless

They are far from my favorites from each director, but I'll take Breathless.

The 400 Blows is more powerful than Breathless. The 400 blows is timeless and any generation in any time can get it. Breathless' greatness is partly due to the context of the times and how its outlook was advanced for the era.