The 400 Blows vs. Hiroshima mon amour



I'd don't like many movies about kids, but The 400 Blows isn't sentimental or cute or any of that crap. Hiroshima mon amour is one of the most boring, annoying and all around excrutiating experiences I've had with a film. While The 400 Blows has a story and a character I can relate to on some level, Hiroshima mon amour offers nothing of the sort. It's maddeningly difficult to warm up to in any way, and maintaining even the tiniest amount of concentration on what was happening required an Herculean effort. Not worth it.

2 masterpiece.

The 400 Blows easily...

Both are sensational. Going with 400.

i love les quatre cents coups but hiroshima mon amour is in my top 20 right now

Hiroshima by a mile. Admittedly I’m not really a fan of Truffaut, though.

Definitely was more into The 400 Blows. Hiroshima was kind of a slog, despite its beautiful cinematography (which 400 also has).