A View to a Kill vs. Moonraker



Too pretty lame Roger Moore entrys in the Bond franchise. View to A Kill wins by a long shot.

My two favourite Bond movies. As a child, I always loved Moonraker the most, but I have to admit that A View to a Kill is just better (mainly due to Christopher Walken and the more realistic plot), and for the last couple of years, it has definitely been my favourite.

AVTAK for me. Moore & Macnee have great chemistry, Barry's score is strong and the plot has an eerie resonance even now in 2010 as we've become so tech-addicted as a society.

Eh, at least A View to a Kill wasn't as boring as Moonraker. AVtaK for me.

A View to a Kill is one of the least satisfying Bond films in most every way. Grace Jones was pretty much wasted as the badass henchwoman. I've watched it multiple times over the years and it gets more boring with each viewing. Moonraker isn't fun as I used to think it was, but at least it's not irritating. (A View to a Kill does have a better theme song, one of the best in the series.)

More than two years after my first comment, I still think that these two are my favourite Bond movies. I watched A View to a Kill for (approximately) the 15th time yesterday, and it was still as entertaining as ever.

These two are often the most criticised in the series. Moonraker for it's outlandish science fiction element, and A View to a Kill because Moore was getting on a bit and wore a girdle. I don't mind either, and A View to A Kill remains one of my favourites from childhood. Christopher Walken puts in a great performance as Zorin, and the death scene where he realises death is imminent and laughs while slipping away is brilliant.

I haven't seen either of these in years, but I do remember enjoying both. If my memory serves me correctly I enjoyed A View to a Kill more.

I don't remember much of Moonraker, apart from Jaws and Bond going into space. A View to a Kill had Christopher Walken and Duran Duran in it; win for epic weirdness and shameless eighties culture.

Moonraker...RIP Roger Moore.

Two films that I enjoy more than I should but A View To A Kill is my ultimate guilty pressure. We will miss you Roger Moore.

Two of the best. A View to a Kill>Moonraker