Daybreakers vs. The Crazies



Two really underrated horror films from this year, I really enjoyed both. But The Crazies wins because I'm a zombie geek.


I really liked both! I may change my mind later, but I'm also going with The Crazies.

I didn't leave the edge of my seat the entire time I was watching The Crazies. Astonishingly good. I spent most of my time watching Daybreakers just being annoyed by everyone in the film, from the whiny "poor me, I'm a vampire!" scientist to the vampire overlords and their utter inability to plan ahead. It did have style in spades though.

Both were solid, but I'll go with Daybreakers. Intersting twist on the genre. Tough choice...

Like both films a lot but Daybreakers wins cause it was very original and the action was great plus the Crazies wasnt as good as the original .

Daybreakers was ok I did not love it like some people did but for The Crazies I thought it was really good a lot of fun not really a great film but I do enjoy so The Crazies it is