Daybreakers vs. The Happening



Well... The Happening at least made me laugh.

Neither is very good, but after Daybreakers at least I didn't feel I had wasted my time.

Daybreakers was quite enjoyable....nothing about The Happening was enjoyable...

Daybreakers at least had an interesting story, even if they didn't tell it very well.

Daybreakers was pretty entertaining, solid but not speacial. I didn't hate The Happening either, I found it quite pleasant and relaxing.


I think Daybreakers could have been so much more than it was, but it's a quality horror flick. The only thing of quality in The Happening was its smart false marketing that got some people in the theaters.

The Happening is a guilty pleasure of mine but still got to take Daybreakers

The Happening

Daybreakers delivery wasn't the grestest, but I love vampire movies and it had a pretty original spin so it gets the win. All I even remember of The Happening was that I was disappointed.