Platoon vs. Full Metal Jacket



While i have a deep respect for Platoon and the message it puts forth there is just something more personal about Kubrick's take on Vietnam, not to mention the grizzly realism.

Classic match-up!

The last 20 minutes of FMJ alone make this no contest. It took Oliver Stone at least three films (depending if you count NIXON) to come to terms with the Vietnam conflict; Kubrick reduced the whole thing to a perfect microcosm with the climactic scene. Because they cannot admit defeat, they send in guy after guy and... well, just watch the film. In the first 20 minutes he tells us more than APOCALYPSE NOW and PLATOON combined. And after both of those films told us Vietnam was incomprehensible... Kubrick decodes it for us. Possibly the most intelligent film ever made in English.

Protozoid--you are very intelligent. "FMJ" is so far superior to "Platoon" or any other Vietnam movie (Really almost any other war movie period.) that comparisons are, well, odious.

both are excellent movies

I enjoy watching FMJ more than Platoon. Great separation between the different acts, and fantastic character development. I don't know but I've been told, watching Full Metal Jacket never gets old.

After seeing both for the first time decades ago, I favored P over FMJ. But after some growing up and many repeat viewings of both, my still developing concept of the Vietnam Conflict has compelled me to choose Full Metal.

Classic match up, was pleased to see this. Both great films. I go with FMJ. And I totally agree with "dystopia".

No contest. Platoon is completely forgettable, and FMJ is a freakin' classic.

No contest, FMJ.

seriously? its FMJ obviously.

Full Metal Jacket is slightly better in my opinion.

Platoon is good yet since the first viewing I have never been compelled to go back to it. Full metal Jacket planted itself deeply in my film lexicon and I have enjoyed it several time since my first viewing when it came out. It is iconic and D'onofrio's portrayal of Private Pyle is mezmerizing. No contest.

Platoon is a good movie and I'm glad I saw it but in a battle against Full Metal Jacket it will lose every time.

Two of greatest films about the Vietnam War ever made, Full Metal Jacket being the greatest (of them all).

In my opinion, Platoon is the better movie. The first half of Full Metal Jacket is brilliant, but the second half is not that great. Platoon is great all the way through. Also, with Platoon I really have the feeling like I am in Vietnam. With Full Metal Jacket, the battle scenes feel more like that of a World War II movie than a Vietnam War movie. Both movies are great, however.

FMJ is on a whole other level.

I'm not that fond of Full Metal Jacket. The first half is interesting, but after that it feels like it just drags on and lacks pace. Platoon keeps me interested the whole way, yet it manages to convey a message without lacking enjoyment.

The first half of Full Metal Jacket beats Platoon

FMJ wtf is wrong with people

I respect FMJ, and the first half is both entertaining and deplorable at the same time, which works very much to it's advantage. But the second half drags and overall the film didn't mean much to me. Platoon, as I have mentioned in other match-ups has the advantage of having been filmed by someone who was actually in Vietnam (this goes for all the other classic war films out there as well). Kubrick might be a perfectionist, and a damn fine filmmaker (even if his films aren't necessarily to my taste), but Platoon has much more interesting, entertaining and convincing characters (although R. Lee Ermey in FMJ trumps them all IMO), and naturally the Philippines works much better as a convincing backdrop for Vietnam than some abandoned land on the Isle of Dogs in London. And of course the scene in the village is one of the most harrowing things that I watched growing up and is still pretty horrifying to this day. Platoon for me.

Full Metal Jacket all the way. Even though the second half isn't as good as the first, it is still very entertaining and well made.

FMJ is the greatest Vietnam film. Kubrick is a mastermind. I knew Sgt. Hartman was gonna die by Pvt. Pyle, and the sniper scene at the end, awesome

Neither is a masterpiece, but Platoon is WAY more overrated. Full Metal Jacket wins.

Apocalypse Now beats the crap outta both these films.

Paraphrasing meanbobs , "I don't know but I've been told, watching Full Metal Jacket never gets old." True dat.

FMJ's both 1st and 2nd acts were great, and the ending never gets old.

Platoon wishes it could be Full Metal Jacket.


Both are outstanding, but Full Metal Jacket is more entertaining in a sense that it has more replay value, imo.

Damn im suprised i gotta go Platoon some amazing scenes in that movie that still stick with me i dont recall Full Metal Jacket very much. Platoon wins!

I really liked Platoon and didn't enjoy Full Metal Jacket. I've only seen both once so I feel like it's an equal playing field in my comparison. I just don't understand how Full Metal Jacket has been so highly favoured here. Platoon is excellent.

Platoon is good but it's Full Metal Jacket easily for me

I think Platoon is a way better movie but I do like FMJ a lot

Love both of these, but I'm going with Full Metal Jacket if forced to pick one....

Two excellent war films. I prefer Full Metal Jacket, but Platoon ain't far behind.

Full Metal Jacket wins. R. Lee Ermey and Stanley Kubrick own.

FMJ for its superior dark comedy and pacing, Platoon is more whiny by comparison.

Kubrick's classic wins

Two of the best war films ever I like the action and acting in Full Metal jacket more so its a close one cause Platoon might be more accurate and filmed with less bias but FMJ wins barely.

not as easy as I thought but i do like Full Metal Jacket More

Platoon's absolutely terrific, but it's a far cry away from Full Metal Jacket. It's not Kubrick's best work, but it's still impeccably made and great to watch.

Platoon is overdramatic, lacks focus, and really doesn't have any lasting impact. Full Metal Jacket is a classic. If you want a good Vietnam film from Oliver Stone, Born on the Fourth of July is the way to go.

It's difficult to compare the two, even though both deal with "the horror" of Vietnam .."Full Metal Jacket" is more of a 2 movies in one kind of film, while "Platoon" is a balls out bloody affair set in the jungle, while FMJ focuses on mental health in basic training and the shocking reality of violence of the war ...Platoon manages to give the viewer a look inside the inner workings of soldiers dealing with the viciousness in themselves and their fellow soldiers

Being a Marine Corps veteran who fought in Vietnam, I love both movies. Platoon was very realistic regarding the feelings and firefights that ensued in a combat platoon which I was in. In FMJ the first half in Marine Corps boot camp is very realistic to what it was like. The second half supposedly was about the Battle for Hue City in the Tet Offensive of 1968 which I fought in and was wounded. But the movie was not realistic in its' aspect of that battle as it was made as so weird and some kind of surrealistic footage of the battle. It was bloody house to house fighting which they didn't depict. Some people ask me what is the best Vietnam war movie and I say there are parts of FMJ, Platoon, The Deer Hunter, Apocalypse Now, and Hamburger Hill that depict all aspects of that War. So not one really is the best.

I'm going with Platoon. It's story remains fresh and engaging throughout. Full Metal Jacket is a great film, but its first half was the main highlight.

Full Metal Jacket!

Platoon is my favourite Vietnam movie and the winner of this matchup! More emotional, better perspective on war (both the harsh and friendship sides) and more well made. FMJ is so damn messy and inconsistent. Is it serious, a comedy, a dark comedy or just ridiculous? It doesn't help that the script is all over the place and everything only loosely connects!


This is a difficult choice with a slight preference to the gripping Full Metal Jacket.

Can't do it!!

Platoon is slightly better than Full Metal Jacket. And Platoon is definitely the more complete film. Full Metal Jacket is overrated by most..simply because Stanley Kubrick directed it. Lol..Platoon is the better and more complete film.

Full Metal Jacket is one of the most intelligent and unique war films I've ever seen where it doesn't really take a stance on war itself, but shows different conflicting perspectives and allows the the audience to decide which is correct for themselves, while having its themes be much more generic than a war-based themes, with it being based on the duality of life and death itself. Or more of the hypocrisy that people have towards these two extremes. FMJ might actually rise higher on my list. Really good movie