Platoon vs. The Thin Red Line



Worth a pause...

Platoon takes this "battle"

Platoon hasn't aged well for me, but it is more watchable as a whole then Thin Red Line.


Two of the best war films ever made and both are in my top 100. I'll choose the less preachy Platoon.


I just saw Olatoon a few months ago for the first time and The Thin Red Line last night; I think Platoon is a much stronger film, but they're both great.

Platoon underwhelmed me. The Thin Red Line continues to take up residence in my mind and I think it's a masterpiece, so it wins this.

Thin red Line gets better with more views the cast was steller and its very fun but not one of the top 20 best war films if you dont count Civil War - WW2 films it might make my list but Platoon is a top 10 U.S war film in any era.and maybe Sheens best dramatic role.

That’s a tough one, thin red line edges it for the music and the Nolte speeches

I love Platoon. Maybe slightly flawed and preachy, but one of the most engaging war movies! I can't remember anything from Thin Red Line apart from the fact I saw it, have in my chart and it's in my Blu Ray collection!