Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade vs. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom



The Last Crusade is the best of all the Indiana Jones' movies. Period.

I have to go with Connery. Connery makes any movie better.

this really is a hard descion but i think i have to go with last crusade, it does have connery in it, and it was more of a fun story

Last Crusade was the first Indiana Jones movie i saw. And the best one.

The Last Crusade is just a better film.

Last Crusade far outshines Temple of Doom. And Sean Connery is what nudges it ahead of Raiders for me, too.

Choose wisely..

The Last Crusade is just better, although Temple of Doom is superb.

'The Last Crusade' is one of my favorite films ever, so it beats many movies along with 'Temple of Doom'.

LAST CRUSADE is a pretty good remake of RAIDERS -- but that's what I always think when I'm watching it. TEMPLE OF DOOM gets points for being different, and I enjoy watching it more even though the script is weaker.

Are you serious?! It has to go to the original.

Last Crusade is the best Indiana Jones movie ever.

Best vs. third best Indiana Jones movie. Last Crusade wins this one.

These are both grandly inferior to the original. It comes down too sidekicks: Indy's dad (Sean Connery) destroys Short Round like he was Alex Trebek. This incredibly short, noisy and unfunny element coupled with Kate Capshaw over-rides some thematic elements that would otherwise nudge Temple of Doom into the lead. As for those of you that would argue for either of these over the original let me say on behalf of true Indy fans everywhere: You're insulting them and embarrasing me.

The Last Crusade is my favourite Indy film. Temple of Doom has some pretty awesome moments though, the mine chase, the "chilled monkey brains" scene, the heroes jumping out of a plane using a life raft to survive... but it has to be The Last Crusade.

While Raiders is the best, the dynamic between Ford and Connery is a lot of fun and the overall story makes more sense, and feels more epic, that Temple does. It's Crusade all the way.

I like both sequels considerably less than the original, but I find Last Crusade to be the most tolerable of the two. The love interest in Temple of Doom is too annoying.

Neither can compete with Raiders of the Lost Ark, but The Last Crusade at least recaptures what made the the first film entertaining; The Temple of Doom made me want to take a leap of faith out my window.

aw yeah!! sweet versus at last. Last Crusade made me want to go on a hunt for the actual Grail as a kid. Yeah, it wins.


I vote for the more daring and different Temple of Doom.

Spielberg...Jew. Lucas....Jew. Kyle...Jew. Crusade is the better movie btw.

They're both insanely enjoyable films. Last Crusade has Sean Connery and a tremendously exciting pace, not to mention return engagements from some wonderful actors. That'll put it past the gross-out excellence of Temple of Doom.

I love Temple of Doom and I love The Last Crusade. I agree with the many comments above me describing both as being fun, which they are. Last Crusade had Sean Connery. You can't beat that.

i guess i have to b unanimous and say crusade

Theres no way Temple of Doom is losing this. It is the second best Indiana Jones film and is a childhood memory of mine.

what the hell? Temple of Doom was way better.

Temple Of Doom is a masterpiece compared to that piece of garbage Crusade.

Crusade owns the forgettable Temple...monkey brains just ain't enough...

I have to go with the minority on this one. Crusade feels a lot like a retread of Raiders, but with less of the adventure so that the father/son dynamic between Indy and his dad can be explored. The point of Indy is supposed to be semi-mindless fun and adventure, and Crusade seems to lose heart by trying to add heart. Don't get me wrong, I love Connery and almost all of his work, but I'm just not a big fan of his character in Last Crusade.

I can see why people are split on this one. I mean: do you take the fresh, new story that is almost completely different from the first one, OR do you take the conservative story with a lot of the same characters and some recycled stuff from the first one? In my case, I'll gladly pick Last Crusade over Temple of Doom. Temple of Doom is just so darn annoying, and instead of fighting nazi's and discovering the power of the ark, Indiana Jones...has to save the children? Has to find some rocks? Erm...okay? Last Crusade more or less takes the Return of the Jedi route by recycling some stuff from the first movie. But unlike Jedi, which I've criticized a lot, Last Crusade is filled with energy (you can see that everyone is having a blast, while in Jedi most of the actors look tired) and the movie DOES have enough new elements to stand on it's own and feel fresh. It's one of my favorite movies. But it isn't as great as Raiders.

Short Round rules ("Hey, Dr. Jones, no time for love!") but, yeah, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade is the better film.

I'll admit that Crusade is the better film, but Temple of Doom is the one I'd rather watch.

Raiders didn't need any sequels. But I guess Last Crusade kind of got the balance right again after Temple of Doom's "elephants!!! monkey brains!!! people with dark skin sure are weird!!!" obnoxiousness.

I Totally agree with the Nostalgia Critic, Temple of Doom is the Worst Indiana Jones Film Ever. Willie and Short Round are just both annoying and irritating and Temple of Doom is just a hard movie for me to watch. Me personally, Raiders of the Lost Ark and The Last Crusade are the Best.

Last Crusade even though it doesn't hold up as well as I remember as when I watched it when I was younger.

Crusade > Raiders > Doom > Skull

My two favorite Indy films but Last Crusade is definiltey a better movie

Temple of Doom Seriously? That movie was so bad that they had have Sean Connery as Indy's Dad saving the Indiana Jones Series for good. Me Personally, Raiders of the Lost Ark and The Last Crusade are the best Indiana Jones films.

It's very close but I'm going with Last Crusade here, It's the first Indy movie I saw so it will always be special to me.

For a while, I was ranking Temple of Doom higher because it was the first Indy film I saw as a kid. But I have since concluded that Last Crusade really is much more fun. Very close call. They are both excellent, but neither one is as good as Raiders!

Temple of doom is my 2nd favorite indy movie and raiders is my first so i have to go with temple of doom even though last crusade was amazing

Temple Of Doom got boring in the middle, Last Crusade is the easiest of the Indi films to watch, by far.

Last Crusade is the better effort but Temple isn't as bad as some people pretend.

Rare case where three tops two.

The First Three were all pure magic but Last Crusade was a testament adventure and comedy perfect I dont think well see any indy films top it ever.

Last Crusade demolishes it's predecesor.

As a kid I watched Temple of Doom all of the time, but then after Last Crusade came out, I think Last Crusade overtook it. They are both all-time favorites of mine, but I am going to give the win to Last Crusade.

Temple of Doom feels like an effin' Michael Bay movie.Think about it:it's got the stupid,annoying characters,the humor that only the movie thinks is funny,and the stupid,mind-numbing action.

Last Crusade by a mile. Although both films are better than the Kingdom of Skulls.

I absolutely love both of these, and consider them to be as equal as it can get, but I think the darker tone of Temple of Doom is enough to push it ahead just a small amount.

Doom is annoying, but entertaining and interesting. Last Crusade wins pretty easily though.

Last Crusade

Last Crusade trumps Temple. Both are great though.

Last Crusade

3 is so much better than 2. it`s like comparing 3 vs 4

Only me and Spielberg love Kate Capshaw I guess. Temple of Doom>Last Crusade

Last Crusade for sure.

Last Crusade has thrilling action, entertainly outlandish moments and heart. Temple Of Doom is a mess that's way too dark yet poorly imbalanced with annoying and cartoon-ish side characters.

TOD is extremely underrated, i almost liked it as much as this and the first one

Temple of Doom is the best of the series.