Spirited Away vs. WALL·E



Flickchart's on a cruel streak for me today . . .

yeah this is tough

I enjoy 'Spirited Away' greatly and they both have striking imagery, but 'Wall-E' moved me a bit more.

Taking Japanese for three years in high school, I was inundated with Spirited Away and made to believe it was the best animated film of all time by my excitable classmates. At any opportunity, they would jump to bring it in. I blame those three years for ruining both Spirited Away and The Last Samurai for me. However, I still do recognize Spirited Away as great; even so, while Hayao Miyazaki is a master of animation himself, he cannot dethrone the true masters of animation, Pixar.

WALL-E, easy.

Spirited Away was a fun fantasy adventure. Wall-E is all of that and more.


I just saw Spirited Away a few days ago. I've gotta say I was beyond impressed. It gets my vote.

Spritited Away was a beautiful movie, but it doesn't really compare to the emotional wonder that is WALL-E.

If this was Princess Mononoke or My Neighbour Totoro, it would've been harder by as of now I'm going for Wall-E.

Every Pixar film, except Brave > The overrated and over-the-top Spirited Away.

oh. this. this is not fair. umm.... dang..uh... uh.... (closes eyes and click spirited away)

wall e is disney/pixar's best, but i love sen to chihiro even more

I agree. Spirited Away beats WALL-E. Both animated masterpieces are great, though.

Studio Ghibli > Pixar

Spirited Away pretty easily


I adore Spirited Away and admire WALL-E. Adore over admire.....

WALL-E, but I did absolutely love Spirited Away.