Spirited Away vs. Toy Story



My two favorite animated films ever. I will give the edge to Miyazaki and his masterwork.

..not fair at all.... pixar vs. miyazaki.. not fair at all

Pixar all the way!

If it were Hayao Miyazaki's true masterwork, Princess Mononoke, it'd still go to Toy Story, but it'd at least be close. Alas, Toy Story wins by TKO before the echoes of the opening bell even finish sounding.

If it were Hayao Miyazaki's true masterwork, Princess Mononoke, it'd still go to Toy Story, but it'd at least be close. Alas, Toy Story wins by TKO before the echoes of the opening bell even finish sounding.

Both have great stuff, but I'll go for Miyazaki's best over one of Pixar's best


Must go with Pixar here.

Pixar makes some great films but Miyazaki runs laps around them.

It's nearly as throwing a coin. But only nearly, still. Toy Story wins with the smallest advantage ever....

Wow, a surprisingly tough match-up. Were this any other anime film, Toy Story would walk away with it. However, Spirited Away is honestly one of the greatest animated movies of all time, and incredibly inspiring and creative. Toy Story is great, also, but I've got to give it to Spirited Away for creativity.

So I'm the tie-breaker, Spirited Away hands down

I really, really, REALLY love both those animation classics. However, if I have to decide I would go with Spirited Away because of how awe-inspiring it is.

Spirited Away is a good film, Miyazaki's best in fact. But fuck that, Miyazaki is overrated and a lot of his movies drag. Sometimes I suspect that people praise him becasue they think it's the right or in thing to do. Toy Story decimates Hayao here. Toy Stor decimates Hayao everywhere.

Cleckley! FTW. Preach brother....

My two favourite animated films and two films I love. I'm not sure.

Wow, this is really like seriously tough, Spirited away is popular from Studio Ghibli, and Toy Story is popular from Pixar, in fact maybe I'll go with both, but maybe Spirited away.

No way spirited away can beat toy story. toy story is a disney pixar classic!

Not hard. Toy Story.

Toy Story and it's not even close. Spirited Away is the definition of overrated, Toy Story is the gift that keeps on giving!

If this were Wall-E, I'd have leaned towards Pixar but Spirited Away is a far better film than Toy Story.

Not even close. Toy Story all the way.

I think spirited away is the most imaginative and beautiful to behold i think toy story is a little bit overrated

Toy Story was more groundbreaking, but it tells a fun story with traditional plots and character arcs, whereas Spirited Away is one of my favorite films of all time because it tells a beautiful story while disregarding traditional standards of suspense and characterization.

Both are amazing but Spirited Away is the clear victor here. It's like a 10/10 movie vs an 11/10.

A Difficult match-up. It's the crazy unique animation with great plot, great romance, and excellent surroundings that made it into my top 10, versus the excellent movie which has incredible development, being quite bitterly sad but still yet quite funny (especially the ending). I think Toy Story wins, because despite Spirited Away's unique characters and story, Toy Story had a solid establishment, and even with its slow beginning, it ramped it up with the sadistic antagonist and as aforementioned outstanding ending. Toy Story takes the cake.

It make me cry when I see any FUCKING ANIME win against our Lord and Saviour Toy Story.

Spirited Away

lukiushaufoy's remark about anime REALLY bothers me and not as an anime fanboy, because I'm far from it. I only love two anime films, My Neighbour Totoro and the other being Spirited Away, arguably Miyazaki's masterwork though it is the one I enjoy lesser. As for me, I don't love Toy Story (though I love its sequels) and I'm wondering if a lack of nostalgic connection prevents me from enjoying it more. My vote, very easily too, goes to Hayao Miyazaki's extraordinary Spirited Away.

Spirited Away

I'm not an anime fan and I don't see Spirited Away as a "masterwork of storytelling" like everyone says it is. In fact, I find it pretty mediocre. Toy Story was my childhood and I find that it's well written, joyful when it has to be and emotional when it has to be!

i've never understood the love for toy story, but sen to chihiro no kamikakushi is one of my favorites

Toy story is the clear-cut winner here. Spirited away is a little bit overrated, it's good but not in the same league as toy story

Spirited Away is just a pure delight to watch. It really makes me think like a child again back when my imagination would just roam freely. I love most all of Miyazaki's work, but Spirited Away is probably my favorite. I don't have much against Toy Story. It's a perfectly fine movie based on a neat concept with memorable characters. It just doesn't enrapture me like Studio Ghibli's opus.

Quite obviously Spirited Away.

I’m also going with spirited away here.

Both films are among the greatest animated films ever made, but I think that Spirited Away edges out Toy Story as THE best.

Spirited Away is slighty better, if it was TS3 it would win


I love Spirited Away but Toy Story was brilliant.

This is like comparing Marvel movies to indie movies. One is trying to be a fun story that appeals to everyone, and one is trying to tell an emotionally captivating, compelling story with incredible amounts of depth and maturity. Spirited Away thrashes Toy Story easily. Frankly, both the second and third installments to the Toy Story series are better than the first, at least IMO.

Toy Story just slightly. If this were any other Toy Story movie vs. Spirited Away, Spirited Away would win.

Fuck. I gotta give it to Spirited Away. I love Toy Story and it's one of my favorite movies of childhood, but Spirited Away is just a better film. Complex characters, a well structured storyline, and some of the most glorious animation I've ever seen.

Toy Story is amazingly much better. Spirited away is one of my worst movies of flickchart. Toy Story is nearly ok so my vote goes to toy story.


Spirited away is much better even if you story is one of the best animated movies of all times.


Toy Story comes close but not enough to pass spirited away

Toy Story for sure, way more influential and groundbreaking

Spirited away is the best animated movie. Sorry Pixar