Spirited Away vs. Howl's Moving Castle



For most people Spirited Away is Miyazaki's defining work and will the animation is stunning i've always found it to be my least favorite of his films, where as its follow up in Howl's Moving Castle is breath taking and personal.

Love both of 'em. But I agree with you, 'Spirited Away' seemed to be almost shouting out in spots, look how Japanese and WEIRD I am, see all these cultural refrences I'm throwing at you? How smart of a film I am? While 'Howls Moving Castle' is just what it is. A throughly amazing fantasy film with wonderus imagery and fantastic characters.

Both are great films, but I like Howl's a bit more.

I love both movies, I just like spirited away more.

Spirited Away is Miyazaki's strongest. Howl's Moving Castle isn't bad, but among the weaker of his works imo.

Wow this is a hard choice! Two of my favourite director's best films pitted against one another! I think I'll have to say Spirited away, though, by a very narrow margin. It is probably Miyazaki's most creative and unique film.


I watched Howl when I was an adolescent, and I hated it. I think I should watch it again and reevaluate it, but it just can't compare with one of Ghibli's greatest works (and that's saying something).

Spirited Away's the first, the original, and the more magical of these two. How? Well, you start up with reality then go on to fantasy, that is the ultimate fantasy. Fantasy that is reality is not fantasy, but reality. Your mind = blown.

Both are kind of subpar. But at least I didn't really dislike HMC, can't say the same for Spirited Away. I'll take Howl in this matchup, but both of these are overrated. "The Great Miyazaki" isn't that great in these cases. In my opinion.

Ugh. Hard choice. Both are good movies. I'd have to go with Howl's Moving Castle for this one.

Spirited Away very easily.

I love How's more than most.. whether it was the fact that it's the first Miyazaki film I watched or cause I just love the movie. That said, Spirited Away wins here.

hauru is great, but sen to chihiro is a masterpiece

I love both movies but Spirited Away is just a bit better.

Howl's Moving Castle was such a fun experience, but Spirited Away beats any animated film in my eyes.