Millennium Actress vs. Paprika



Satoshi Kon knows how to set himself apart from the rest of the pack. That's for sure. He has a style all his own. One which works best in the trippy Paprika. I wasn't just overreacting when I proclaimed it was my favorite anime film upon my first viewing. Others have since taken that throne away from it, but it really is of that high a caliber and remains one of the best anime films done by someone not named Hayao Miyazaki. Millennium Actress had some of the heart that it could be said that Paprika lacks, but Paprika's the sort of film that does not need that element nearly as much as Millennium Actress does. It succeeds on the strength and execution of its concept.

Paprika > Perfect Blue > Millenium Actress > Tokyo Godfathers. Each with distinct a style and theme. Dude had mad skills.

Scratch that, Perfect Blue is a little better than Paprika. Either way, Satoshi Kon owns Miyazaki. I'll take cerebral and trippy over fantastical whimsy any day.

I'll side with Millennium Actress. I like Paprika, but it just can't touch how great Millennium Actress is. There are a fair number of Miyazaki films I rate higher than both, so I guess I prefer him, far as this conversation goes.