American Pie 2 vs. American Pie



How many sequels are better then the originals? I'm not an expert but maybe Empire or For a Few Dollars More? I guess some like The Godfather II, but I havne't seen either so I can't say.

I can offer a few: The Dark Knight, Toy Story 2, Spider-Man 2, X2.... American Pie 2 certainly doesn't make the list, though. If ever there was a movie that didn't need a sequel....

I love all the American Pie movies, well, the actual American Pie movies (up though Wedding). I grew up at the right time that actually made them significant and somewhat relateable. However, 2 and Wedding are each worse than their predecessors so the first wins easy here but I could sit down and watch either of them at any point and laugh my ass off.

Huh? Am a huge fan of the franchise (yes the original three) and I'm surprised to be the only one voting for the sequel. You'll never hear me use this word in this context again, but APII has 'SOUL'.

I'm with ya Checkley, I too am picking American Pie 2 over the first one. Loved both and the first has the better over story, but American Pie 2 has, I think, the funny scenes and the funny lines and is overall a bit more entertaining than the first.

Hard LOL

I'm in the minority on this one.

Original all the way. The second just stuffed in characters because they had too.

This is hard, both are pretty much on par, but I'll go with the original because of how much it focused on its plot.

I slightly prefer the 2nd one.

Have seen American Pie but there is one thing about what is in that it was just some deeds what it is AP 2 was like kind good

The classic first one ins it.

Pie 2 has heart, but it feels like it is a money grab with more of the same. Capturing the charm the first movie had would have been hard, and although it was a good effort, it falls short. Going with the original here.