Goldfinger vs. From Russia with Love



Wow... what happens when the two best Bond films face off? I have to give the edge to "From Russia With Love" - as much as I love "Goldfinger," the overall story for "From Russia With Love" is more solid to me.

I, too, just choose "From Russia With Love"...though "Goldfinger" is actually the only Connery Bond film I've seen more than once....

Gotta choose Goldfinger, though both films are among the best Bond movies. It's the villain that gives Goldfinger the edge in this case.

If we base the discussion solely on the villain, I'd still give the edge to Lotte Lenya for her portrayal of Rosa Klebbs over Gert Frobe's Auric Goldfinger. To be fair, though, there were several villains who shared the stage on "From Russia With Love," while it was mostly henchmen supporting Goldfinger. To date, though, they're still my two favorite Bond films (with "Dr. No" a very close third).

"Goldfinger" is more iconic and the epitome of cool, but "From Russia with Love" is the better film. It remains the perfect Cold War spy movie, and actually seems better with each viewing.

It's all about the car. Chicks dig the car. Goldfinger.

I've decided to (try to) watch all James Bond movies this month in preparation for 'Skyfall' which has an amazing trailer if you ask me. I've never seen a Bond movie the whole way through before I started this, so this could be a fun experiment. So October = Bond Month! Bondathon part 2: Goldfinger vs. From Russia With Love. Goldfinger is the most ridiculous of the three I've watched so far, but it also is the most memorable. I think it's slightly more entertaining, more involving and more focused on the story than FRWL. It also has the superior villains: Oddjob is great and so is Goldfinger. Goldfinger wins in this match-up, but I am surprised how close in quality the first three movies are. Next up: Thunderball.

Best two Connery Bond movies. Goldfinger is a classic though,

These are considered the top 2 from Connery, but honestly I prefer Dr. No and Thunderball. That aside I choose Goldfinger in this matchup. I find it more entertaining.

I think this is the film where James Bond gives Russia the (gold)finger!


Great matchup! Maybe Goldfinger was the first film to realise what elements worked in the franchise but Dr No and FRWL are still fantastic on their own. From Russia With Love is a great spy thriller that could've been made by Hitchcock. The mystery, the tension and the locations are superb! Goldfinger is a more focus adventure film with an intriguing plot, great dialogue and a great cast of villains. Goldfinger is Connery's masterpiece!