Goldfinger vs. GoldenEye



Gold...The most common word in a James Bond title, aside from Die.

Love em both but I have such a connection to the game that GoldenEye has to be the winner.

Ouch. The coolest entry in the Bond canon, or the one that made me a fan? Connery and Brosnan are both in top form in these, but I think I prefer Sean Bean and Famke Janssen to Gert Frobe and Harold Sakata (iconic though he may be as Oddjob).

Not an easy choice here. While Goldfinger is Sean Connery's best entry in the Bond series, GoldenEye is Pierce Brosnan's best. I love both films, but since I have to choose one, I'll probably pick Goldfinger because Connery is a better actor overall.

These are both fun films, but I can't pick against Mr. Connery.

You expect me to choose, Goldfinger? No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to die!

Meh, Goldfinger is overrated; Bond is rarely more inept than in Goldfinger, and Connery never convinced me he'd be any good at actual fighting. Brosnan, on the other hand, looked and acted the part, and the locales, villain and plot were much cooler in GoldenEye.

GoldenEye isn't as good as I thought it was in the mid-90s. It was only good in comparison to the late Moore, all of Dalton plus the rest of the Bronan era. A smal shimmering pebble in an ocean of dross. Goldfinger on the other hand is the real McCoy. 24-carat Bond. Goldfinger wins.

Well, its a tough choice, but I have to go with the Orginal without which the Bond formula would not exist, most likely. Love ya Pierce, but Goldfinger will override GoldenEye every other day. Both have great music, great plotlines, eclectic action and perfect Bonds.

Brosnan IS Bond. That is all.

Both the best films of each respective Bond actor, but I personally think Goldfinger is the best Bond movie ever made.

Both are great. Sean Connery and Pierce Brosnan were, by far, the two best bonds of all time. But I think that, just by a hair, Goldfinger is the winner of this one.

Goldfinger wins. Both films are great, though Connery gives 007 a sense of class and style which Brosnan does not and this is is why Goldfinger is triumphant.

Goldeneye for me. Though Connery is obviously THE Bond, when someone says Bond I immediately think of the opening to Goldeneye when he jumps off the Dam. It also reinvigorated the franchise, was the first Bond movie after the cold war, collapse of the soviet union and fall of the Berlin wall. It has Judi Dench's perfect introduction as the new M - "sexist mysoginist dinosaur" anyone? Pearce Brosnon's best bond movie (though I suppose that's not saying much) and one of the best action movies of the 90's

I caught a once-in-a-lifetime screening of "Goldfinger" at Ft. Knox in 2007 and that's been one of the truly great movie-related experiences of my life. "GoldenEye" was my first ever Bond movie to see in a theater, so that's also special to me. This is a microcosm for me of this match: GF outdoes GE in pretty much every way...but my connection to GE is so personal that I can't easily pick against it. Regardless what I might choose, these are two of my all-time faves, not just out of the Bond series but out of all movies, ever.

Where's The Man with the Golden Gun in this match-up ;p? Anyway, one of the best Bonds vs one of the most entertaining Bonds. Goldfinger was probably my favorite Bond movie along with On Her Majesty's Secret Service, Dr. No and From Russia With Love (I like all equally) before I saw Skyfall, which is my favorite as of right now. Goldfinger has it all: a classic villain, a classic henchman, a classic theme, classic gadgets, a classic car and a classic Bondgirl. It sets the tone for future Bond movies. Goldfinger wins.

Goldfinger is obviously an icon, not just for Bond films but for films in general. But GoldenEye is so entertaining that I can't help but love it. Both are closely matched on my list, and are probably in my top 5 Bond movies, but GoldenEye wins for me.

Two of the best from the franchise, and the very best of both Connery and Brosnan. Goldeneye was the first made in my lifetime and I really liked the plot which dealt with the transition from the Cold War. Hard choice, especially since Goldfinger is riddled with classic Bond moments like the laser scene and DB5. I think everyone prefers the Bond from when they were children, so Goldeneye wins by a whisker.

While I do love Goldfinger as the quintessential Connery era Bond, I give more credit to Goldeneye. The emotional resonance, sense of spectacle and great humor make it my personal favorite Bond film of all time. It's a shame Brosnan did nothing but boring Bonds after this.

i think golden eye is very underrated and its not even my fav Pierce bond film Goldfinger does it with more style and flair its the coolest bond film of the two!

Connery > Brosnan - Goldfinger

So close....but Goldeneye wins here...

I'll take a finger over a eye any day.

vote changed - goldfinger

sean beats all bonds

Goldfinger is one of the best adventure films ever. GoldenEye is a generic 90s action film!

Goldfinger is my current number 2 movie all time. I think Goldeneye is great and flashy...but Goldfinger is the best directed Bond movie and it's Sean Connery performance of his career.

These are two of my favorite Bond movies. Goldeneye gets the nod for me.

Connery's best vs Brosnan's best