Goldfinger vs. Thunderball



Pussy Galore vs. Dominique "Domino" Derval? Deadly flying bowler hats vs. underwater fist fights? I need a vodka martini.

Meh. Thunderball sucks.

Damn, two of my favorite Bond films. Thunderball lacks a memorable villain. Goldfinger has two.

As much as I love the whole Bond series (well, apart from DaD and QoS), and as often as I've actually watched the movie, I just don't really like Thunderball. It's easily the weakest Bond film with Sean Connery, and also one of the least entertaining Bond films overall. It lacks a decent villain, a really interesting plot and, after all, a true Bond girl. Goldfinger, on the contrary, is one of the best Bond movies and my personal favourite starring Sean Connery.


They were both terrific but I prefer Goldfinger.

"Goldfinger," and it's not even close. It's iconic, it's got a taut story and a brisk pace. "Thunderball" is a bloated and slowly paced attempt to one-up its predecessor.

Thunderball is probably the least memorable of all the Bond flicks. Goldfinger has so much going for it...Pussy Galore, Oddjob, and the great Shirley Bassey theme song.

Bondathon continues...: Goldfinger vs Thunderball. If Goldfinger is considered to be one of the most iconic and memorable Sean Connery Bond films, then Thunderball must be one of the most forgetable. The villain is weak, and ultimately it’s just a gimmicky Bond movie. Look, a jetpack! Look, a big underwater fight! The underwater fight itself isn't even enjoyable. It's certainly admirable though. The plot of Thunderball is actually kind of interesting, yet there is no sense of threat like there was in Goldfinger. That's probably one of the reasons people consider this a boring Bond. Another reason may be that there are large portions in the movie where almost nothing happens. I guess I can give credit to Thunderball for having something better than Goldfinger though: the Bondgirl...or girls. Domino and Fiona are both way more attractive than Pussy Galore. Anyway, Thunderball isn’t bad, but it just isn’t as memorable as the other three.

I'm having a Bondathon too. Goldfinger is the Holy Grail of Bond movies for me so it's hard to top, but I have to say I really enjoyed Thunderball. It was one of my favorites as a child and it holds up very well in my book.

Both of these are amazing, but honestly Thunderball is Connery's best in my opinion.

Thunderball isnt that great its good but semi-bland the hot women and gadgets are nice but compared to Goldfinger it doesnt hold a candle- Goldfinger is one of the best period!

Goldfinger is better, but damn that bondgirl from thunderball is so hot.

I agree with JC13: Thunderball

Goldfinger by far